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New MSP Turbo LFC for CVD and ALD Processes

MSP, a Division of TSI, is excited to launch the MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller (LFC).

MSP Turbo LFC for CVD and ALD ProcessesWhen paired together, our new LFC and direct liquid injection (DLI) Turbo™ Vaporizers provide best-in-class performance for liquid delivery applications (including CVD, PECVD, ALD, and MOCVD), resulting in faster throughput, higher yield, less downtime, and less liquid material cost.

Increase throughput and decrease waste

The MSP Turbo™ LFC gets to ±1% of setpoint within 300ms—saving time and money by increasing throughput and reducing waste.

As CVD and ALD processes become more advanced they require shorter processing times. A shorter stabilization time (also known as response time) decreases processing time and increases throughput. For example, previous processes created thicker films, and could take 10-30 minutes to run—therefore a 3-second stabilization time was only 0.5% of the overall process. However, newer processes might take 1 minute to run— the same 3-second stabilization time becomes 5% of the overall process.

Using this example, reducing the stabilization time from 3s to 3ms changes the stabilization time from 5% back down to 0.5%.

Also, during stabilization time, liquid is diverted to the pump. Precursor liquid is both expensive and shortens pump life. Reducing 3s to 0.3s of liquid lost during stabilization means you will divert 10 times less liquid – saving both material cost and pump life.

Features of the MSP Turbo LFC

The MSP TurboTM LFC provides world-class accuracy and linearity, supplying the high performance you need to support your high-precision microelectronic process.

  • industry-leading response time—getting to ±1% of set point within 300ms, saving time and money by increasing throughput and reducing waste
  • exceptional repeatability to reduce chamber-to-chamber and tool-to-tool variation, enabling better yield and higher throughput
  • PID tuning not needed for every process change, and when needed, adjustments are easier to make
  • change liquids without factory recalibration using field adjustments
  • additional communication options, including EtherCAT®
  • wide flow range, full scale units from 200mg to 40g/min
  • more protection from environmental variability
  • onboard diagnostics to provide you with real-time health monitoring of your LFC

Learn more about MSP’s new liquid flow controller

Posted on Apr 14 2021 12:21
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