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Gas Flow Measurement

Gas Flow MeasurementIn the world of gas flow measurement, there are multiple technologies available, including:

  • Thermal flow meters
  • Differential pressure flow meters
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Coriolis flow meters
  • Mechanical flow meters

These technologies cover all ranges of gas flow applications, including:

Research, Product Design, and Development

  • Flow analyzers are used during the development of mechanical ventilators, anesthesia workstations, CPAPs and BPAPs, and oxygen concentrators 
  • Flow meters are important for the development of pumps, valves, molds, nebulizers, inhalers, gas delivery systems, and more
  • EOM flow sensors are embedded in medical devices that function using gas flows

Medical Device and Light Industrial Manufacturing

  • Flow analyzers are used in testing and quality assurance of flow, pressures, volume, and mechanical breathing parameters 
  • Flow meters are used for testing and quality assurance of a wide variety of pneumatic flows

Field Service

  • Manufacturers, biomedical technicians, field service engineers, and clinical technicians use flow analyzers to test whether medical equipment is functioning properly and perform service when needed

Calibration and Metrology

  • Flow meters and primary calibrators are used by air sampling device manufacturers and industrial hygienists to calibrate inlet flows of particle counters and pumps

Top Choice—Thermal flow meters for gas flow measurement

Thermal gas flow measurement is one of the most common technologies available today. It consists of two primary methods for measuring gas flow, including.

  • Capillary Laminar By-Pass
  • Constant Temperature Loss/Constant Temperature Anemometery

Thermal gas flow measurement is popular as it provides large flow ranges with one instrument, has an extremely fast signal response, can be used in a wide range of applications, and is relatively inexpensive. It also provides high speed signal response and wide dynamic flow ranges. TSI Flow Meters take it further by providing a industry-unique flow body design that allows for minimal back pressure that helps ensure that true flow readings are provided.

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