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Filter Testing

Filter TestingThe quality of air we breathe is continuously being improved by using filters. Filters are used all around the world in air cleaners, general ventilation, hospitals, and laboratories. Filters protect firefighters from inhaling harmful gases, and help protect humans from air pollution in general. Filters improve the performance of various products such as computer hard disks and are making modern cars function better. Filter testing is used across the globe to ultimately improve, protect, and prevent.

Testing for standards and specifications

Filter performance requirements and characteristics are defined by various national and international standards. These standards often also specify test procedures and equipment to ensure and validate their performance. TSI has produced filter testing equipment for over 30 years. This equipment is used worldwide by certification agencies like NIOSH and leading manufacturers that use them for ongoing quality control in their laboratories, production lines and compliance testing to specifications.

Whether you need trusted performance, ease of use or flexibility in integrating various components, TSI has a solution for you.

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