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Ambient Air Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring may involve measuring particulate matter (PM), particle number concentrations (PN), particle size distribution (PSD), or air sampling of particles for later chemical analysis. Air quality monitoring efforts are usually driven by governmental regulation, but may also be motivated by a scientific interest or a neighborhood concern. These measurements are performed by researchers in industries or institutions, but they may also be performed by local advocacy groups. When combined with other information (such as weather data, or concentration of gaseous pollutants), air quality monitoring can give us a detailed picture of the quality of air we all breathe.

Air Quality Monitoring of Particles

TSI is a leading global provider of particle measurement solutions that are easy to use, affordable, and highly accurate. Our research systems detect new particle formation down to 1 nm, and can measure particles as large as 20 µm, measuring in real-time.

In the lab, on the road or for local air quality monitoring, long-term data relies on our performance.