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How to Request Calibration and Repair Services

At Your Service

TSI is here to support you and your business: we are committed to provide you the highest standards in product service, repair and calibration. A dedicated team of professional experts will take your instrument, get it serviced and send back to you as quick as possible. 

With over 60-year experience delivering accurate and reliable measurement solutions for diverse industries, TSI helps you to keep high quality standards in your daily job. 

How TSI Service process works


How to submit a service request 

1) Login on TSI.com with your account 2) Proceed as Guest 3) Contact your local partner
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Don’t have a TSI account yet?
No problem - It’s easy to register and submit a request. Click here to register.

Benefits of TSI account 

Don't forget that by registering for an online TSI account you can:

  • Schedule service, repair, or calibration more quickly and easily
  • See pricing in your currency
  • View your order history and record of service activities
  • Track your instrument inventory
  • Ship to any location
  • Register your product(s)
  • Manage your account, preferences, and profile



Step by step instructions to submit a Service request as guest

Step 1: Access the website: https://tsi.com/support/guest-service-request/

Step 2: Fill out company information

Option 1 - Provide account number and postal code and click “GET ACCOUNT” and fill out drop down and click NEXT (bottom of page):

  1. Bill to Contact
  2. Ship to Contact
  3. Ship to Address
  4. Bill to Address

Option 2Fill out information manually and click NEXT (bottom of page).

Step 3: Fill out instrument information (serial number or name/material) and click “GET SERVICE OPTIONS”

Step 4: Select Service Options from dropdown. Option to FastTrak.

Step 5: Fill out “Return reason” and “Special Requirements” and click NEXT

Step 6 (Optional): Add another instrument into same order “Add another instrument by following Step 3 to Step 5. Click NEXT when all instruments have been added into order.

Step 7: Select shipping method

Step 8: Add payment detail and click NEXT

Step 9: Review Order and SUBMIT