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Espace Recherche Mécanique des Fluides

Thèmes pour Chercheurs en Mécanique des Fluides | Niveau Débutant à Avancé

Webinaires Scientifiques sur les Fluides

*Merci de noter que cette page est disponible en anglais uniquement.*


TSI Incorporated is pleased to offer a one-stop shop for our customers to learn about Fluid Mechanics. Scrolling down you will discover various webinars related to Fluid Mechanics. Presented by TSI experts from across the globe, these webinars cover a wide range of topics for beginners, intermediate and advance level fluid mechanics researchers. If you are interested in knowing more about the measurement techniques and solutions available, seeking a quick tutorial on how to optimize your system to get reliable data, or simply want to know more about the fascinating fluid flow studies TSI's trusted instruments are used in (everything from fundamental flow studies to environmental to biomedical), be sure to sign up to learn more about all of our webinars!

Each live webinar is followed by an open Q&A session. To receive your personal invitationto future live webinars, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Recorded versions of these webinars are available using the links provided below.


Webinar  Description
Measuring Dust Dynamics Using Shadowgraph This webinar discusses the challenges associated with sizing dust particles with imaging. In addition, an example research study is presented where TSI's Size Shape Analysis (SSA) imaging module is used.
Introduction to the Flat Flame Burner and its Use in Combustion Diagnostics The flat-flame burner is a helpful device for calibrating a laser induced flourescence (LIF) system with a known concentration of species. 
Introduction to Optical Temperature Measurements and Use of Flat Flame Burner for Calibration/Validation The flat-flame burner is a helpful device for calibrating a laser induced fluorescence (LIF) system with a known concentration of species.



Webinar Description

Compact Laser Doppler Velocimetry System for Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic Applications

The PowerSight LDV system is introduced: learn about its compacy nature and the advantages of using a solid state laser solution for laser doppler velocimetry.


Webinar Description

Introduction to PIV Advanced Processing Methods for PIV and Time-Resolved PIV

View this webinar to become familiar with TSI's time-series analysis toolbox, included with the INSIGHT4G software package.

PIV Uncertainty Quantification Using Cross-Correlation Peak Ratio

Learn more about uncertainty analysis in planar PIV measurements. Details of the Peak Ratio method of determining PIV uncertainty are discussed.

Dynamic Masking Technique for PIV Processing

Dynamic masking automates the process of creating masks in PIV images. Especially useful for objects that are not stationary from snapshot-to-snapshot. Watch this webinar to learn the details of this important tool available in the INSIGHT4G PIV software package.

Using PIV for Multi-Phase Flows

Multiphase flows can be difficult to analyze with optical methods. Learn some of the techniques used in this webinar.



Webinar Description

Advances in 3D Particle Tracking: Algorithmic Improvements to Volumetric Velocimetry 

Watch this webinar to learn about some recent advances in 3D PTV.


Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Structures Using 4-Camera Volumetric PIV

A 4-Camera Volumetric PIV system (V3V-Flex) was used to capture the details of a turbulent boundary layer. Watch this webinar to learn more.

New Approaches to the Study of Hydrodynamics in Animals: V3V

The study of fish locomotion can be greatly enhanced by understanding the 3D motion of the fluid in which they interact. This webinar focuses on research in this area using a V3V volumetic PIV system.

Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry (V3V)

Learn about TSI's volumetric PIV system: Volumetic 3-Component Velocimetry (V3V)

Sharks, Robots and Lasers: Volumetric Imaging of Fish Locomotion

A captivating webinar showcasing the use of V3V for fish locomotion.

High Resolution V3V Measurements in Airflows

This webinar discusses taking volumetric PIV data in airflows at high spatial resolution.

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