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PortaCount Academy: Onsite Training

Respirator Fit Testing Training in Your Facility or Job Site

Onsite Respirator Fit Test Training

Respirator Fit Test Training at Your Site

Lesson Plans Scaled to Your Site's Needs

TSI's onsite training brings respirator fit testing skills to you, scaled to the needs of your team and site. A TSI PortaCount Pro/Pro+ Training Specialist will spend a day or more covering topics such as basic setup, approved quantitative respirator fit testing procedures, troubleshooting methods, and even reporting techniques, if requested. 

Please note that the training and material presented is specific to the PortaCount Pro/Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester Models 8030, 8038, 8040 and 8048.

In previous years, ABIH has awarded CM credit for this event. Ask the PortaCount Academy Training Specialist if your training qualifies.