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Fluid Mechanics Research Corner

Topics for beginners, intermediate and advanced fluid mechanics researchers

Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) et Phase Doppler Particle Analysis (PDPA)

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Webinar: How to Make Laser Doppler and Phase Doppler Measurements Easier

December 7, 2021

When acquiring laser doppler velocimetry (LDV) and phase doppler particle analysis (PDPA) measurements, it can be difficult to achieve accurate and repeatable results and to visualize them clearly and easily without significant experience or excessive effort. In this webinar we are going to introduce you to a NEW state-of-the-art measurement system that addresses exactly those tough challenges. Our new system has been designed to help you to obtain excellent results in your challenging fluid flow studies in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, as well as providing simultaneous velocity and size information from sprays, while at the same time streamlining the data collection and analysis process.

During this 45-minutes webinar to learn more about:

  • What can you measure now that you couldn't before?
  • How does the FSA BurstPro™ software help you to make consistent and accurate measurements?
  • How does the Itasca laser module improve your high-speed flow or spray measurements?

Webinar: Introducing a New Advanced Laser Doppler and Phase Doppler System

September 15, 2021

In this webinar we introduce you to a NEW state-of-the-art system for laser doppler (LDV) and phase doppler (PDPA) measurements. As an evolution of the FSA signal processor series, the new FSA 4800 and 5800 are characterized by a lot of improved performance features such as higher doppler frequency range of up to 210 MHz. It is powered by the new Flow and Particle Analysis software that acquires, analyses and presents your data as per your needs.

Webinar: 3D Laser Doppler Velocimetry Set up and Analysis Best Practices

May 7, 2021

This webinar from TSI fluid mechanics experts shows the process of performing the 3D alignment, the different system configurations of 3D Laser Doppler Velocimetry systems, and the velocity transformation matrix, as well as data analysis for achieving high quality velocity data and higher order statistics such as Reynolds stresses.

Compact Laser Doppler Velocimetry System for Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic Applications

TSI's PowerSight LDV system is introduced; learn about its compact nature and the advantages of using a solid state laser solution for laser doppler velocimetry.

Fiber Optic Based PDPA Measuring a Spray

Using fiber-optic based Phase Doppler Particle Analysis to measure a spray.


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