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Académie PortaCount

Académie PortaCount | Formation sur les Testeurs de Masques Respiratoires

Académie PortaCount

Formation sur les Testeurs de Masques Respiratoires

*Merci de noter que cette page est disponible en anglais uniquement.*

PortaCount Academy helps prepare safety leaders and respirator users to conduct effective respirator fit testing using the PortaCount(R) Respirator Fit Tester. We offer online and in-person training options.

In-Person Respirator Fit Testing Classes

Choose the in-person training that's right for your respirator fit testing program.

  • In-person training. Four times a year, TSI offers comprehensive respirator fit testing classes in our Shoreview, Minnesota training center. Our 1 1/2 day program covers all aspects of respirator fit testing using PortaCount products and software. Learn more about live classes in Shoreview >
  • Onsite training. A TSI PortaCount Training Specialist will spend a day or more at your site. We cover setup, troubleshooting, testing methods, and other topics. Learn more about classes at your site >

Available dates: 

Online Respirator Fit Testing Resources

  • Videos. View our quick start videos below to learn key concepts of fit testing with PortaCount.
  • Webinars. Browse upcoming webinars or view recorded webinars. 
  • Articles and Resources. Find links to informative materials from OSHA, CDC, NIOSH, CDPH, and TSI. Visit the PortaCount Resources page >

Watch Respirator Fit Testing Videos from TSI

Set up

PortaCount Set Up | First steps for respirator fit testing with PortaCount (1:43 min)

SCBA Respirator Fit Testing

PortaCount & SCBA Kits | How to conduct respirator fit testing with an SCBA respirator (3:26 min)

N95 Respirator Fit Testing

PortaCount & N95 Respirators | Respirator fit testing with an N95 mask probe kit (1:37 min)

Using the PortaCount Daily Check Feature

PortaCount Daily Check | How to use the Daily Check feature to prepare for respirator fit testing (3:17 min)

Real-time Respirator Fit Testing

PortaCount Real-Time | Using Real-Time Fit Factor Display for quick respirator size checks (5:21 min)

Prepping half and full-face respirators for fit testing

PortaCount Mask Prep | How to prepare a half or full-face respirator for fit testing (3:35 min)


Quick Respirator Fit Testing Tips

Using FitCheck Mode to Save Time

PortaCount FitCheck Mode | FitCheck Mode Reduces Time and Respirator Fit Testing Failures  (1:35 min)

Animation Makes Respirator Fit Testing Easy

PortaCount In-Test Animations | Safer, Smarter Respirator Fit Testing with Animated Displays (1:39 min)

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing for Every Respirator

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester | One Quantitative Respirator Fit Test for Every Kind of Respirator (2:40 min)


In-Depth: Recorded Respirator Fit Testing Webinars

Watch full-length respirator fit testing webinars through the links below.

Webinar Title  Description and Link to Recorded Webinar
Respirator Fit 101: Intro to Quantitative Fit Testing An introductory level course providing a basic understanding of quantitative fit testing principles and techniques. This course answers basic questions like, What do fit tests test? Why is fit testing important? Who needs to be tested? How should it be done? View Respirator Fit 101 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 102: PortaCount Technology Ever wondered just what a PortaCount does and how it works? This course gives a basic understanding the technology used by the PortaCount, and of what makes up ambient particle concentration. We differentiate the N95 functions from the N99 functions of for the Model 8038 PortaCount Pro+. View Respirator Fit 102 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 103: PortaCount Components and Setup In this course you will learn to identify the functions of PortaCount components and accessories, and review the manufacturer-recommended setup procedures. View Respirator Fit 103 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 104: FitPro+ Initial Setup An overview of the installation process of the FitPro+ v3 software. Learners will walk through setting up the software for the first time, including adding People records and setting up your Global FitPro+ Options. View Respirator Fit 104 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 105: PortaCount-to-PC Communications Explore setting up and verifying PortaCount Pro/Pro+ communications. Includes discussion of the most common communication issues that users might face in the field and how to resolve them. View Respirator Fit 105 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 201: Daily Checks A detailed explanation of Daily Checks and why they are important. Learn what Daily Checks can tell you about your operating conditions. Users will gain the tools necessary to quickly evaluate and resolve any potential Daily Check issues. View Respirator Fit 201 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 202: Real Time Fit Factor Display Learn about Real Time Fit Factor Display, its many troubleshooting benefits, and how it can improve the turnaround time of your fit testing. Whether for training, troubleshooting or just checking, this versatile feature should be used for every fit test. View Respirator Fit 202 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 203: FitPro+ Fit Testing Review proper Fit Testing procedures with the FitPro+ software. Procedures described will apply to all fit testing protocols and will cover best practices. View Respirator Fit 203 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 204: Troubleshooting Fit Tests Get the tools necessary to analyze and troubleshoot a failing fit test. Users will see how the Real-Time Fit Factor Display (available within the FitPro+ software) and Stand-alone mode can help to resolve common fit testing issues. We will also look at other common culprits, such as incorrect filters or damaged mask components. View Respirator Fit 204 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 301: FitPro+ Report Wizard An overview of the FitPro+ Report Wizard. Instruction on how to modify an already existing report and how to create your own FitPro+ software reports. View Respirator Fit 301 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 302: Database Management Learn how to identify your database location and how to create and change your active database. Get familiar with the Data Record Tools window and how you can use it to copy all or part of your database into another database. View Respirator Fit 302 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 303: Flash Drive Database Exchange Designed to support the Stand-Alone operations of the PortaCount Pro/Pro+, this course includes an example of creating, importing and exporting a database via the FitPro+ software to a flash drive. View Respirator Fit 303 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 304: Simultaneous Fit Testing Learn how to connect up to 4 PortaCounts to one computer. Instructions on performing Daily Checks and reading the Fit Testing Dashboard when multiple PortaCounts are connected. View Respirator Fit 304 on Vimeo >
Respirator Fit 401: Intro to Stand-Alone Operations An overview of Stand-Alone operations, including how to create a new People record, run the Real Time Fit Factor and begin a fit test. View Respirator Fit 401 on Vimeo >


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