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TSI Link Solutions FAQs: About

FAQs about TSI Link Solutions

TSI Link™ Solutions retrieves the data from TSI’s BlueSky Outdoor Air Monitor  and AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor air quality devices and translates the data into a user-friendly format that can be remotely accessed from any internet-powered device.

Can I access TSI Link™ Solutions anywhere?

You can access TSI Link™ Solutions from any electronic device with a browser and a connection to the internet—including laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.

What are the precise difference of the different subscriptions options?

See the subscription matrix here https://tsi.com/products/tsi-link-solutions/tsi-link-solutions-for-air-monitoring-en/

Will my subscriptions auto renew?

If you bought your device directly from TSI or if have a TSI Link subscription that you bought from TSI, then your subscription will auto renew. 
If you bought your device from a channel partner of TSI and have not yet established a business relationship directly with TSI, then your subscriptions will not auto renew.  You would need to contact our support team to set up that business relationship, to get your payment information and to verify what subscription you want moving forward. 

Where can I find the security and encryption details?

You can access all the info here                   

What is the importance of clean air?

Poor air quality is linked to allergies, asthma, upper respiratory ailments, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and decreased productivity. Monitoring certain parameters can provide insight on how healthy both your outdoor and building’s indoor air quality is, in hopes of preventing SBS and other problems before they start. 

How do we know if our building and outdoor areas’ air quality is improving?

With TSI Link™ Solutions you have the ability to see your air quality data over time and view multiple devices within a single history graph. In addition, in our easy-to-use dashboard you can create widgets that help guide your organization in the necessary air quality improvements.

How do we reassure parents/employees/patrons that the air is safe?

Monitoring the health of the air in your building or outdoors through TSI Link™ Solutions can give you the data you need to help assure the health and wellness of your students, staff, and patrons. Informing your occupants about real-time data monitoring and customized alerts allows you to address risks before they become a problem.

How difficult is it to operate and maintain TSI air quality devices?

With TSI Link™ Solution, data from your AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor and BlueSky Outdoor Monitor is at your fingertips, guiding you in decision-making for the well-being of your building, occupants, and outdoor activities. By wirelessly connecting the device to TSI Link™ Solutions you can retrieve real-time data, be alerted of any changes in the air quality, and control your device from the office, headquarters, or home. 

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