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TSI Link Solutions Software

TSI Solutions for Air MonitoringTSI Link™ Solutions for Air Monitoring

TSI Link™ Solutions are more than just software. It is the foundation that hosts your TSI devices, a cloud-based SaaS application guiding you in decision-making and building your awareness of outdoor/indoor environmental air quality.

the real value of SaaS

Manage your devices and analyze your data

TSI Link™ Solutions are part of an ever-evolving platform that receives frequent updates and enhancements. With TSI Link™ Solutions, you can set up customized air quality alerts, manage your devices, and analyze data.

TSI Link™ Solutions are designed to support BlueSky Outdoor Air Monitor and AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor air quality devices. Create a free account now to view public devices and see the air quality in your area!



Access to air quality data map and more with subscription

With a Standard Paid Tier subscription, a user is granted access after device registration to outdoor/indoor air quality data via the map or dashboard with additional standard tier features (listed below). In addition, a 30-minute onboarding consultation will be made available after purchase by reaching out to cloudsupport@tsi.com

Key Features Free Tier Premium
Device AirAssure or BlueSky AirAssure, BlueSky

Number of device registrations

1 device limit No limit with additional subscription purchases

Particulate Matter: PM2.5, PM10, PM2.5 AQI, PM 10 AQI


Other: Temperature, Relative Humidity (RH), Barometric Pressure (BP)

Particulate Matter: PM2.5, PM10, PM2.5 AQI, PM10 AQI

GAS: CO, CO₂, O₃, TVOC, NO₂, SO₂, CH2O

Other: Temperature, Relative Humidity (RH), Barometric Pressure (BP)

Data point intervals 15 min, 30 min, 60 min 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min
Remote calibration No Yes
Account sharing Up to 2 other TSI Link users Up to 20 other TSI Link users
Alert notifications Limit 1 alert setup Yes

Historical Alert notifications

Total History Total History

Historical measurements

Up to 1 day Up to 90 days
Data export  Up to 1 day Up to 90 days
Purchase options

Bluesky 8143
BlueSky 8145

Please click here for more information on TSI Link subscription renewal.


  • Natural Disaster Environmental Outdoor Research
  • Commercial Indoor Ventilation Monitoring
  • School District Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Wildfire-impacted areas – Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for employee protection

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