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Calibrating TSI Flow Meters and Flow Analyzers

TSI Factory Flow Instrument Service

Calibrate and Repair Your TSI Flow Instrument

ISO 17025 Accreditation Available

With over 60-years experience delivering accurate and reliable measurement solutions, TSI® helps you to keep high quality standards in your job and is the on-stop solution for your service needs.Our expert factory-trained technicians are here to support you, ready to take care of your Flow instruments for calibration and repairs.

To give greater value to our customers, we now offer ISO 17025:2017 accredited calibrations for Mass Flow Meters and Certifier Flow Analyzers.  Accredited calibration certificates include multi-point data, pass/fail statements, and flow measurement uncertainty values. 

Download the Flow ISO 17025 brochure to discover all available accredited calibration offerings from TSI.

Benefits of ISO 17025 accreditation include:

  • a lower risk of audit or compliance failure
  • more confidence in measurements
  • better reputation
  • save time and money

How to request service

Where Can I Send my TSI Flow Meters and Certifier™ Flow Analyzers Back for Service?

What TSI Flow Meter and Certifier™ Flow Analyzer Models are Eligible for Calibration and Repair Service?

TSI Instrument Type Models Notes
Mass Flow Meters

All 5200/5300 Series flow meter models

All 4000/4100 Series flow meter models

As of Jan 1, 2020 repairs can only be performed on 4000 Series meters Rev F or later and on 4100 Series meters Rev E and later.  Calibration service will remain available for all 4000/4100 Series flow meter models.
Certifier and Certifier Plus Flow Analyzers

4081/4082 Certifier Plus flow analyzer models

4071/4072/4074/4076 Certifier flow analyzer models

Only the flow module needs to be sent in for calibration. The interface module is not calibrated and only needs to be sent in if a repair is required. 
You do not need to return your oxygen sensor to TSI when calibrating your Certifier or Certifier Plus flow modules.TSI does not calibrate external oxygen sensors
Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer 4090 Certifier Pro flow analyzer model Calibration service is for the entire instrument and covers all embedded sensors including the oxygen sensor (if installed).


Why Send my TSI Flow Meter or Flow Analyzer to TSI for Service? Can't I use a Third-Party Service?

TSI performs certified, multi-step service with original factory parts for quality service and support you can trust. Only TSI can calibrate your flow device and provide legitimate, NIST-traceable calibration certificates.

Third-party service providers can only verify whether your instrument is measuring within specification – they cannot provide calibration adjustment, nor update the instrument software or firmware. If a calibration is needed, the third party must send it to a TSI service center. Read here the 7 reasons why calibrating your instrument at the manufacturer.


How do I Request Service for my TSI Flow Meter or Certifier Flow Analyzer?

Visit tsi.com/flow-service to send your flow instrument back for service, repair, or calibration. Choose the model of the instrument you would like to calibrate and, if desired, select the accredited calibration option.
In case of questions, visit our step-by-step guide on how to submit a service request.