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New Product Showcase

Our newest products support professionals in their work around the world

New Product Showcase

See the latest from TSI

Some TSI instruments will help answer research questions or provide compliance data. Others will enable manufacturing improvements or help companies protect their workers with precise measurements of air quality, respirator fit, dust exposure or other safety factor.

Our engineers are continuously innovating, developing, and improving. See the latest products and solutions from TSI.


TSI OmniTrak™ Solution

A comprehensive ecosystem that integrates advanced technologies to capture, analyze, and manage data

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Respirator Leak Tester

Performing critical tests with 8130A whenever doubts arise about mask integrity.

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MSP Turbo II™

New MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers Line

Designed to overcome liquid source vaporization challenges in CVD and ALD processes.

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Quest™ Edge 7

Quest™ Edge Noise Dosimeter EG7

Help identify hearing loss threats by monitoring personal noise exposure levels in real-time.

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AeroTrak® A100

AeroTrak®+ Portable Particle Counter A100 Series

Engineered for use in all industries for cleanroom certification, monitoring and specialized tasks.

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BlueSky 8145

BlueSky Air Quality Monitor 8145

BlueSky 8145 Environmental Air Quality Monitor measures PM, temp, RH, BP, and 5 gases in real-time.

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QLFT Software

FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software

Qualitative Fit Testing with FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software

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SidePak™ AM520

SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor

Introducing enhancements in respirable silica monitoring with new application features.

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AirAssure™ IAQ

AirAssure™ IAQ Monitors

The AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor measures up to 6 gases from CO, tVOCs, CO2, PM, BP, temperature and RH.

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Venti Meter

VelociCalc® 9600 Series Venti Meter

Built-in workflows for heat flow calculation and four methodologies for performing a duct traverse.

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TSI Link™ Solutions

Set up customized air quality alerts, manage your devices, and analyze data with TSI Link Solutions.

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