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Calibration - BlueSky Monitor FAQs


  1. How is the PM sensor calibrated?
  2. How long is the calibration valid?
  3. Can I calibrate the sensor myself?
  4. How accurate is the BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor?
  5. What effects accuracy?
  6. Can I change or update the TSI factory calibration of the BlueSky Air Quality Monitor?
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1. How is the PM sensor calibrated?

  • The BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor is calibrated to the same exacting standards as the DustTrak™ monitor. When positioned in outdoor ambient air, the DustTrak monitor and the BlueSky monitor measurements track each other well.

2. How long is the calibration valid?

  • The calibration lifespan depends on usage and ambient concentration. TSI recommends replacing the PM sensor inside the BlueSky Air Quality Monitor once a year, although the sensor can easily last longer under most normal ambient conditions typically found in the US and Europe. Also, your BlueSky monitor comes with onboard diagnostics, which will help you to identify if and when you need to replace the sensor.  Refer to Chapter 5 of the BlueSky monitor manual for detailed error code descriptions.

3. Can I calibrate the sensor myself?

  • The PM sensor cannot be calibrated by the user. However, the BlueSky Air Quality Monitor accommodates a user calibration factor on TSI Link Solutions. The user can program a custom calibration factor if their BlueSky monitor is reading differently from a reference monitor. This will keep your data accurate.

4. How accurate is the BlueSky Air Quality Monitor?

  • BlueSky monitors are calibrated for aerosol to within 10% of DustTrak monitors. The accuracy of the BlueSky monitor can be vastly improved by co-locating it with a reference monitor, if available. This is optional and up to the user.

5. What affects accuracy?

  • As is common among many air quality sensors, accuracy is affected by the type of aerosol, the size distribution of the aerosol being sampled, and the density and refractive index of the aerosol. Humidity can also affect the accuracy of the measurement.

6. Can I change or update the TSI factory calibration of the BlueSk Air Quality Monitor?

  • No, the TSI factory calibration cannot be changed by the user.