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VPG-A6 Inline Filter

Artikelnr: 2920-01-1000

*Diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch verfügbar.*

Filtration down to 1 nm and below


The VPG-A6 in-line filter is an ultra-high efficiency, ultra-low pressure drop filter designed for Vapor and Process Gas (VPG) filtration. This patent-protected filter is made from Nano Filtration Media comprised of sintered stainless steel fibers of a homogenous construction resulting in efficiency and pressure drop capabilities not previously attainable by conventional sintered metal filter media construction. Made from 100% 316SS, this filter is typically used in compressed gas lines for particle removal or downstream of a vaporizer under vacuum flow conditions to remove particles from a gas/vapor mixture. The VPG-A6 features a solid core – providing more thermal mass than conventional in-line filters, making a better choice for heated filtration downstream of a vaporizer.

Model VPG-A3
Flow Range (SLM) 0–30
2.5 nm Filter Efficiency (%) 99.9999999999 (twelve 9s)
10 nm Filter Efficiency (%) 99.99999999 (ten 9s)
50 nm Filter Efficiency (%) 99.999997 (seven 9s)
Filter Media Sintered 316SS fiber
Wetted Materials 316 Stainless Steel
Pressure drop

Pressure drop <0.04 kPa@ 1 std. L/min
kPa = 0.0439*Q(std. L/min)–0.0516

Temperature Range (ºC) <450 (inert gases)
Max. Operating Pressure 2500 psig
Max. Differential Pressure 500 psid
Length (mm/inches) 127/5
Diameter (mm/inches) 38.1/1.5
Inlet/Exit Port Connectors 1/2 inch VCR
Weight (kg/lb) 0.45/1