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State-of-the-Art Fluid Mechanics Instrumentation

TSI Incorporated serves fluid mechanics and particle diagnostics researchers with the state-of-the-art hardware, software and complete measuremetn systems. Our instruments provide diagnostics of fluid flow and particle/droplet sizing in a wide range of applications including : aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, spray diagnsotics, multiphase flows, turbuelent boundary layer flows, combustion diagnostics and many more. With a worldwide reputation of innovation and quality, TSI is adapt at applying emerging technologies to meet unique and challenging measurement requirements from you.

A Complete Portfolio of Fluid Mechanics Measurement Systems from TSIFluid Mechanics Complete Portfolio

Our fluid mechanics systems have been specifically entrusted by researchers to take measurements of fluid flow velocity, droplet size and all the associated flow and sizing statistics at a point, over a planer region or for a complete three-dimensional volume, in a wide range of environments. The systems reliably measure three components of velocity, particle/droplet size and shape, number density, volume flux, temperature, concentration and many other parameters to provide you with the solution needed to resolve the problem you are working on. Many of our systems are laser based which are non-invasive, meaning that the systems will have no disturbance to the parameters you want to measure, giving the most accurate and reliable measurement results

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