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The MSP Turbo™ LFC

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The NEW MSP Turbo LFC*Diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch verfügbar.*

Designed for use with MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers

MSP, a Division of TSI, is proud to announce the NEW MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller (LFC).  Built upon field proven technology, the 2950 was engineered to pair with MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers to provide a reliable, high-performance liquid vapor delivery solution for semiconductor thin film deposition processes (including CVD, PECVD, ALD, and MOCVD). The diagram below shows how the LFC fits into the liquid vaporization system MSP offers.

World Leading Performance

The MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller provides ultra-fast response time – able to reach ±1% of set point within 300ms, saving time and money by increasing throughput and reducing waste. Our new LFC also offers best-in-class accuracy, repeatability, and stability – delivering the high precision performance needed for 300mm microelectronic processes. High accuracy, excellent repeatability and exception stability can reduce chamber/tool variation, allowing more tightly controlled processes leading to better yield.

Increased Flexibility

Change liquids without factory calibration

The new MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller allows you to change the liquid you are vaporizing without needing to send the LFC back to the manufacturer for recalibration. While factory calibration is still the best option for the best accuracy, field adjustment provides a quick repeatable measurement – helping to speed up your development process and reduce the number of LFCs you need to invest in.

EDiagram illustrating how the Turbo LFC connects to a vaporizer and a filterasy PID tuning

The speed of our 2950 LFC enables good response time performance using less aggressive PID settings. This means the MSP Turbo™ LFC doesn’t require PID tuning for every process change, and when it is required, PID adjustments are easier to make.

The “out of the box” PID values can be used for a wide range of set points and process conditions without needing to be changed and while still getting to set point within ~2 seconds. If your application does require ultra-fast response, adjusting the PID is easy with our user software.

Wide flow range

With full scale units available from 200mg to 40g/min, the MSP Turbo LFC can provide the liquid flow control performance you need across a wide range of applications.

Improved communication protocols

The new LFC also offers improved communications options, including: EtherCAT1, RS485, and a variety of analogue options.

1ETG.5003.2020 S (R) V1.1.0 Compliant.

Flow Measurements you can Trust

The high-precision flow control loop of the 2950 LFC was based on the sophisticated 2940 LFC flow control loop; the 2940 LFC was extensively field tested in 300mm microelectronic applications for over a decade. This history ensures the 2950 LFC meets the needs of the highly specialized, demanding semiconductor industry. 

Additionally, the 2950 provides enhanced protection from environmental variability versus other commercially available solutions – meaning that even if the ambient environment changes, the LFC’s measurements will remain accurate, and your process with remain in-control.

Learn more about the features and benefits of the MSP Turbo™ LFC:

Learn More

Specification Snapshot2

Accuracy % F.S. ±0.75
Repeatability % F.S. ±0.3
Linearity % F.S. ±0.3
Response time (s) <0.3 to ±1% S.P.

Communication Interface:






9-pin D connector (male)

0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 1-5V, 2-10V, 0-20mA

*For complete set of specification details download the data sheet here.


Request a quote for any of the NEW 2950 MSP Turbo™ LFC models:

Model Number TEOS Full Scale* (g/min) IPA Full Scale* (g/min) H2O Full Scale* (g/min) Request a Quote
2950-002 0.2 N/A 0.15 RFQ
2950-01 1 0.3 0.75 RFQ
2950-05 5 1.5 4 RFQ
2950-10 10 3 7.5 RFQ
2950-20 20 6 15 RFQ
2950-30 30 9 22 RFQ
2950-40 40 12 30 RFQ


Additional Liquids

Are you using a liquid other than the ones outlined above? Estimate the 2950 Turbo LFC full scale value of your chosen liquid (a function of liquid viscosity (µLiquid(cP))) to correctly determine your LFC model. To estimate the full scale (F.S.) of each model for your liquid, use this equation:

F.S.Other Liquid = F.S.TEOS*0.65cP/µLiquid(cP)

If you would like assistance determining which model is right for you, please submit an RFQ for any of the models above and note your question in the comment box. Someone will get back to you shortly.

Liquid Flow Controller 2950-30

TEOS Full Scale* (g/min): 30 TEMAZr Full Scale (g/min): 5.7 H2O Full Scale (g/min): 21*Nominal...

Liquid Flow Controller 2950-20

TEOS Full Scale* (g/min): 20 TEMAZr Full Scale (g/min): 3.8 H2O Full Scale (g/min): 14*Nominal...

Liquid Flow Controller 2950-10

TEOS Full Scale* (g/min): 10 TEMAZr Full Scale (g/min): 1.9 H2O Full Scale (g/min): 7.3*Nominal...

Liquid Flow Controller 2950-05

TEOS Full Scale* (g/min): 5 TEMAZr Full Scale (g/min): 0.95 H2O Full Scale (g/min): 3.6*Nominal...

Liquid Flow Controller 2950-01

TEOS Full Scale* (g/min): 1 TEMAZr Full Scale (g/min): 0.19 H2O Full Scale (g/min): 0.73...

Liquid Flow Controller 2950-002

TEOS Full Scale* (g/min): 0.2 TEMAZr Full Scale (g/min): 0.038 H2O Full Scale (g/min): 0.14...

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