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Artikelnr: V3V-CAL

*Diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch verfügbar.*

The V3V-CAL is a calibration system for the TSI V3V Volumetric PIV systems (V3V-Flex and V3V-9000 frame). The purpose of calibration, is to establish a mapping function to relate the particle images captured by the multiple cameras (2D image in each camera) in the volumetric PIV system, to the particle locations in the volumetric 3D space. Such calibration is critical for the reconstruction of particles in volume, and to obtain the velocity vector field in the volume.


The Model V3V-CAL provides the complete arrangement for the calibration of the TSI volumetric PIV systems (V3V-Flex and V3V-9000). The system includes the calibration target, a 1-D precise traverse module, mounting rods, and brackets. Typically, the calibration target with dot patterns in a rectangular format is traversed for multiple planes towards the direction of the cameras. Different planes of the known dot positions are captured by the cameras. As a result, a set of mapping functions is formulated to relate the 3D particle locations and the 2D particle images at different planes. The mapping functions are then used to reconstruct the actual particle locations in the volume when the seed particles are used to represent the flow field to be measured.

As seen in the above figures, the single, dual and dual-sided plane calibration targets can be sued with the system. The single plane calibration, however, is the standard part of the V3V-CAL system. If other targets are needed, please consult a TSI representative for further information.

Leistungsmerkmale & Vorteile

  • Precise and accurate dot patterns to generate the mapping function for particle reconstruction
  • Fine resolution of the traverse system giving accurate locations of the z-plane for the calibration
  • Automatic control of traverse through the Insight V3V-DPIR software
  • Various types of calibration targets adaptable for different camera configuration