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Thermal Anemometry Probes DE

Artikelnr: 1210-10


Thermal anemometry probes are used to measure fluid velocity by sensing the changes in heat transfer from a small, electrically-heated element exposed to the fluid.  In the "constant temperature anemometer" arrangement, the cooling effect caused by the fluid passing the element is balanced by the electrical current to the element, so the element is held at a constant temperature.  The change in current, due to the change in fluid velocity, shows up as a voltage at the anemometer output.  Fluid velocity is measured by recording the voltage output.

A key feature of the thermal anemometer is its ability to measure very rapid changes in velocity. This is accomplished by coupling a very fine sensing element (typically less than few hundred microns in size) with a fast feedback circuit which compensates for the drop in the natural sensor response. Time response to flow fluctuations as short as a few microseconds can be achieved. For this reason, the thermal anemometer has become a standard tool for researchers studying turbulence, with very high frequency response to obtain the high order flow information, both in gas or liquid flows. The small sensor size, normally only a millimeter in length, also makes the technique valuable in applications where access is difficult or larger sensors obstruct the flow.


• Sensitive to rapid change in velocity, to detect fluctuations of turbulent flows
• High-frequency response to obtain the power spectrum of flow structures
• Small element size for measurement with high spatial resolution
• Offers velocity measurements of 1D, 2D and 3D
• Applicable to gas and liquid flows


When selecting a thermal anemometry probe, the user must choose between film and wire sensors, and also the fluid type (gas or liquid).  The type of probe is based on the fluid characteristics, the velocity range, the number of velocity components, contamination in the flow and access to the flow.  Please refer to the probes catalog for a complete selection of probes to meet your application needs.

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