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ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software FR


Détails du produit

The ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis software is designed to give users complete control of data acquisition and analysis with the IFA-300, to obtain velocity results. The software runs with the Windows 7.0 platform, allowing for acquisition of normal flow measurements, as well as calibration of individual wire/film sensors. System operating functions, such as the control of overheat ratios and signal conditioner settings, are handled via an RS232 interface, while the high-speed analog data from the anemometer output is managed with a high-speed multichannel digitizer installed inside the computer. The ThermalPro software is included with the IFA-300 system, allowing all control and data acquisition, data analysis and presentation of results. 


  • Automatic adjustment of maximum frequency response with IFA-300 electronics, and smart tuning for film or wire sensors
  • Full control for data acquisition, analysis and presentation of results
  • Applicable for acquisition process during calibration of film/wire sensors
  • Supports data acquisition of up to 16 channels with the IFA-300 units
  • Uses the Windows 7.0 platform

Screen for setting up probes

Screen for setting up the probes


Calibration Plot

Calibration plot of a sensor, showing the voltage vs. velocity


Analysis of Velocity

Analysis of the velocity showing the frequency spectrum