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Photodetector Module (PDM) PDM1000-XPSS

UGS: PDM1000-5

*Merci de noter que cette page est disponible en anglais uniquement.*

The Photodetector Module (PDM) converts optical signals to electronic signals, conditioning them for the FSA. 

Détails du produit

TSI’s Photodetector Module (PDM) system combines an enhanced scattered light separation unit with high performance photodetectors for Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) applications. The system is optimized for the best dynamic and operating size ranges, yet allows the freedom to adjust system parameters easily. System operation is controlled by TSI’s FlowSizer™ Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software.

The unit also provides the light intensity results, which can be used for separation of particle types. All optics are contained within a unique interchangeable "light bar," making it quick and easy to switch between LDV mode and PDPA mode. The PDM is compact and easy to connect, requiring no alignment

PDM1000-1PSS Single-channel Photo Detector Module for PDPA using the Powersight module 561 nm Request a Quote
PDM1000-2PSS Two-channel Photo Detector Module for PDPA using the Powersight module 561 nm and 532 nm Request a Quote
PDM1000-3PSS Three-channel Photo Detector Module for PDPA using the Powersight module 561 nm, 532 nm and 553 nm Request a Quote


Caractéristiques et avantages

  • Compact size and easy operation
  • High-efficiency color separation
  • Front panel status lights
  • Complete package can be upgraded from 1D LDV through 3D PDPA
  • Fully automated calibration diode system for PDPA applications
  • Matched set of PMTs for particle size measurements
  • Intensity ouput for size separation in multi-phase flows