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Constant Temperature Anemometer Model 1750 Module FR

UGS: 1750

Détails du produit

The Constant Temperature Anemometer (CTA) Model 1750 is designed for startup multi-channel applications. Users typically incorporate the 1750 in their existing data acquisitions and control systems, and therefore, it does not include any software, output signal conditioner or computer interface.

The following components are needed to be used with the CTA model 1750 module to make up the complete system:

  • Power supply model 1751
  • Control resistor model 1304
  • Single sensor wire or film probe
  • Probe adaptor model 1150-6, or equivalent
  • AIR calibration model CL-CAL1750 (please specify your velocity range)

Each 1750 interfaces with a single-sensor anemometer probe. The 1750 system does not include signal conditioning; hence, any offset and gain applied to the output voltage needs to be within the range of your analog to digital converter (typically -5 to +5V or 0 to 10V). Optimization of the frequency response can be achieved by adjusting the trim and gain controls on the anemometer. 

Input power+15 VDC ±10%, 250 m/A
Output range-12 VDC to +12 VDC, BNC output or terminal strip
Sensor currentUp to 2 mA
GainContinuous from 50 to 1000
Frequency responseUp to 1kHz

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