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Cal-Dep Calibration Wafer Contamination Standards

Cal-Dep Wafer and Reticle Calibration Contamination StandardsMSP deposits particle size standards on 200 mm and 300 mm low-haze bare silicon wafers with accurate control of particle size and particle count to produce Cal-Dep™ Calibration Wafer Contamination Standards. These certified standards for wafer inspection tools are highly accurate, price-competitive standards built with well-defined, industry-accepted recipes. They ensure your wafer inspection system is performing within your specifications, which helps you to maximize yield.

Particle Sizes & SI Traceability

Modal diameters of PSL and SiO2 size standards that match OEM calibration points of common legacy wafer inspection/metrology systems are controlled with SI traceability using MSP, a Division of TSI, Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA) technology. MSP deposits its own line of SiO2 spheres (MSP NanoSilica Size Standards) up to a nominal size of 200 nm. SiO2 size standards larger than 200 nm and all PSL size standards are sourced from other suppliers. Most size standards have certified mean or modal diameters measured with SI traceability. When particles without traceability are used, application of SI-traceable DMA calibrations and proper DMA control provide the desired SI traceability.

Wafer Inspection

MSP inspects all 200 mm and 300 mm bare silicon wafers before and after particle deposition using a Scanning Surface Inspection System (SSIS) with ~35 nm sensitivity (KLA Surfscan SP2). Inspection results are provided in the Deposition Summary that accompanies the wafer contamination standard, including a scan image with particle size information and approximate count for each deposit.


Each Cal-Dep™ Calibration Wafer Contamination Standard includes a Certificate of Conformance and a Deposition Summary with SSIS Scan results. For each certified size standard, a copy of the Certificate of Calibration and Traceability from the manufacturer is provided.

Triple-wrapped 200mm and 300mm wafer carriersPackaging

Every substrate is handled with extreme care and packaged with MSP's signature triple-wrap packaging, preventing contamination during transport.

Shipping carrier details:

  • Sets of 200 mm wafers are packed in a Crystalpak shipping box.
  • Sets of 300 mm wafers are packed in a 300mm FIMS-compatible FOSB.
  • Individual wafers are packed in single-wafer shippers.

Full Deposit Wafer Sets

Model Description # of Wafers Wafer Size Deposit Pattern Nominal (Modal)
Diameters [nm]
Nominal Count Request a Quote
2200-01-5065 Set 10 Wafers 200mm Full Dep PSL 60-3040 nm 10 200 mm Full 60 (65), 83 (86), 102 (105), 126 (128), 155 (155), 204 (204), 304 (304), 360 (360), 1112 (1112), 3040 5,000 RFQ
2200-01-5066 Set 10 Wafers 300mm Full Dep PSL 60-3040 nm 10 300 mm Full 60 (65), 83 (86), 102 (105), 126 (128), 155 (155), 204 (204), 304 (304), 360 (360), 1112 (1112), 3040 10,000 RFQ
2200-01-5067 Set 12 Wafers 300mm Full Dep PSL 40-3040 nm 12 300 mm Full 40 (44), 50 (55), 60 (65), 83 (86), 102 (105), 126 (128), 155 (155), 204 (204), 304 (304), 360 (360), 1112 (1112), 3040 10,000 RFQ



  • Wafer inspection tool traceable calibration
  • Reticle inspection tool traceable calibration
  • Inspection tool performance matching
  • Incoming wafer inspection

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