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TSI Link Data Services and Integration

TSI Link™ API Data Services  

Seamless data access & integration

Through a TSI Link™ Solutions Data Services and Integration subscription, you can harness the power of TSI and create a one-stop view of data for your different devices.
Let our solution reduce the stress and work for extracting data and insights. By sending data to your own platform, integrating with analytic tools or third-party software, our API Data Services will help you focus on what really matters.

Customers are using Data Services to connect TSI IoT Smart Monitoring devices to integrated solutions for faster and more robust insights.

API Data Services: Benefits of Data Integration

TSI Link™ API Data Services subscription provides you flexibility to customize TSI Link™ Solution to meet your changing needs allowing you to:

  • Remotely manage devices and settings in the field
  • Build your own data repository and send data to your own platform via secure connection
  • Seamlessly integrate to BMS and Business Intelligence third-party software
  • Extract and visualize data into Excel through TSI Link™ Data Analyzer add-in

Data Services are designed to support TSI IoT Smart Monitoring devices that currently include: BlueSky Outdoor Air Monitor and AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor. Create a free account now to view public devices and see the air quality in your area. 

TSI Link™ Data Analyzer - Intelligent Visualization & Reporting

Data analysis doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With Data Services subscription, easily integrate your air quality data into Microsoft Excel® in just a few clicks thanks to the TSI Link™ Data Analyzer add-in: an analytical tool developed for quick aggregation and processing of your measurement data. Customers can select a variety of data points to generate custom reports or leverage the 4 pre-arranged reports:

1. Time Charts - a time-based table and chart of selected measurements that enable customers to see historical trends. Includes a statistics table, report header and device statistics.

2. Floorplan – empowers customers to get a visual representation of the air flow within a building. By uploading a graphic of a building's floorplan, devices are tagged to map air quality, which can be used for energy efficiency and reporting.

3. Thermal Comfort - supports your employees by economizing on the temperature and efficiency of air flow in your building. A time-based temperature-humidity scatter plot with a Too Cool / Too Warm thermal comfort curve developed by ASHRAE.

4. Time & Device Comparison – Verify your building’s ventilation, air quality, and thermal comfort performance between devices in your building.   You can also easily compare two different time periods to quantify performance between different operating conditions or configurations. 

Subscription includes 30-minute consultation

A purchase of our Standard API Outdoor/Indoor Monitoring and Research subscription provides your in-house development staff with access to our OpenAPI documentation, OpenAPI REST specification, authentication credentials via OAuth2 (client credential flow), as well as a 30-minute consultation with our cloud development team to review the steps required to access data via our REST API. Both monthly and annual payment options are available.

Key Features API Data Services
Type of devices

AirAssure 2 Gas    AirAssure 2 Gas, AirAssure 4 Gas, AirAssure 6 Gas, BlueSky

Number of device registrations

Up to 100 devices per subscription


PM Mass Concentration: PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM 10

AQI: PM2.5, PM 10

PM Number Concentration: PM0.5, PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10

GAS: CO, CO2, Ozone, TVOC, EtOH (VOC), NO2, SO2, CH20

Other: Temperature, RH, Barometric Pressure, Typical Particle Size, Device Status, Sensor status, Timestamp


Number of daily API calls

Up to 2,500 Daily API Calls for real-time measurement

Data allowance

Data allowance of 1 GB per month and 12 GB per year

Data aggregation / processing


Access to Developer Portal (coming soon)


Onboarding / Consulting Support

Yes one 30 minute consultation meeting

Data Connectivity


Data Analytics & Integration

TSI Link Data Analyzer Excel  add-in

Business Intelligence (BI) Integration Tableau
Business Management System (BMS) Integration REST API

Access to new features

Purchase options AirAssure BUY
BlueSky 8143 BUY
  BlueSky 8145 BUY



  • Indoor COVID Research
  • Natural Disaster Environmental Outdoor Research
  • Indoor Ventilation Monitoring
  • Remote device and sensor monitoring
  • Long term data monitoring and research
  • Wildfire-impacted areas – Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for employee protection

A single data services package will be limited to 100 devices (AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor or BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor) and a data allowance of 1 GB per month and 12 GB per year and up to 2,500 Daily API Calls for real-time measurements.

Contact us to learn more. 

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