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TSI Link API Data Services

TSI Link Data Services and Integration

Seamless Data Access & Integration

Through a TSI Link™ Solutions Data Services and Integration subscription, you can harness the power of TSI and create a one-stop view of data for your different devices.

Let our solution reduce the stress and work for extracting data and insights. By sending data to your own platform, integrating with analytic tools or third-party software, our API Data Services will help you focus on what really matters.

Customers are using Data Services to connect TSI IoT Smart Monitoring devices to integrated solutions for faster and more robust insights.

API: How to get started


API Data Services: Benefits of Data Integration

Data Services are designed to support TSI IoT Smart Monitoring devices that currently include: BlueSky Outdoor Air Monitor and AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor. API Data Services subscription provides you flexibility to customize TSI Link™ Solution to meet your changing needs and allows you to:

  • Remotely manage devices and settings in the field
  • Build your own data repository and send data to your own platform via secure connection
  • Seamlessly integrate to BMS and Business Intelligence third-party software, such as Tableau
  • Extract and visualize data into Excel through TSI Link™ Data Analyzer add-in

If you any questions, visit the TSI Link Solutions FAQs section.


Quick Guides

TSI Link Subscriptions


Key Features Premium Software + API Data Services Premium Software API Data Services only Free Tier for Collaborators
Primary user type Users that want robust, detailed analysis online or BI tools Most users, provides a full aray of analytics and history Users focused exclusively on their own data warehouse and BI tools Collaborators, not the device owners
Subscriptions per device 1 1 1 1

Account & profile management in app

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account sharing with other users Up to 20 Up to 20 No Up to 2
Supported TSI devices AirAssure, BlueSky AirAssure, BlueSky AirAssure, BlueSky AirAssure OR BlueSky
Device registration limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Cleaning Intervals Daily or weekly Daily or weekly Weekly Weekly

Device settings managed in app

Yes Yes Limited Limited

Device summary in app

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Device and measurement summary card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote calibration Yes Yes Yes No
Particulate Matter: PM2.5, PM10, PM2.5 AQI, PM10 AQI


Yes Yes Yes
GAS: CO2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
GAS: CO, O3, TVOC, NO2, SO2, CH2O Yes Yes No No
Other: Temperature, Relative Humidity (RH), Barometric Pressure (BP) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data & Analysis
Data point intervals 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min 15 min, 30 min, 60 min 15 min, 30 min, 60 min
Historical measurements and data export Up to 90 days via website; up to 30 days via API Up to 90 days via website Up to 30 days via API Up to 1 day
Measurement alerts  Yes Yes No No
Device and sensor notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Map view Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customized dashboard Yes Yes No No
Alert setups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Total alert history Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data aggregration / processing Yes Yes Limited Limited
Access to new features Yes Yes Yes Limited
30-min onboarding consulting Yes   Yes  
Data connectivity REST API   REST API  
Data analytics integration TSI Link Data Analyzer Excel add-in   TSI Link Data Analyzer Excel add-in  
Business Intelligence (BI) Integration Tableau   Tableau  
Access to Developer Portal Yes   Yes  
Number of daily API calls per account 2500   2500  
Data allowance per Account 1 GB per month, 12 GB per year   1 GB per month, 12 GB per year  



Software purchase options by products AirAssure
BlueSky 8143
BlueSky 8145

Please click here for more information on TSI Link subscription renewal prices.



Application and Technical Notes

Subscription includes 30-minute consultation

A purchase of our Standard API Outdoor/Indoor Monitoring and Research subscription provides your in-house development staff with access to our OpenAPI documentation, OpenAPI REST specification, authentication credentials via OAuth2 (client credential flow), as well as a 30-minute consultation with our cloud development team to review the steps required to access data via our REST API. 


  • Indoor COVID Research
  • Natural Disaster Environmental Outdoor Research
  • Indoor Ventilation Monitoring
  • Remote device and sensor monitoring
  • Long term data monitoring and research
  • Wildfire-impacted areas – Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for employee protection

Contact us to learn more. 

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