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Qualitative Fit Testing with FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software


Available in US only. Software application with step-by-step guidance on conducting a qualitative fit test (QLFT) consistently and correctly.

Sold in Package Pricing. Software Only (Laptop not included).

Quantity Part Number Cost Per Test Price  
100 Saved Fit Tests (passed or failed) FPU-QLFT1   $400.00 m=FPU-QLFT1, q=1, pl=01 Add To Cart
200 Saved Fit Tests (passed or failed) FPU-QLFT2   $700.00 m=FPU-QLFT2, q=1, pl=01 Add To Cart
300 Saved Fit Tests (passed or failed) FPU-QLFT3   $900.00 m=FPU-QLFT3, q=1, pl=01 Add To Cart
400 Saved Fit Tests (passed or failed) FPU-QLFT4   $1000.00 m=FPU-QLFT4, q=1, pl=01 Add To Cart
3000 Saved Fit Tests (passed or failed) FPU-QLFT5   $3000.00 m=FPU-QLFT5, q=1, pl=01 Add To Cart


Product Details

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing with FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software enables consistency to a subjective fit testing method while adding automation of a very manual process. Helping to facilitate consistent and accurate qualitative fit testing and improved record management to provide more confidence in the final results to help ensure worker safety - from training through compliance reporting. 

Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, test agent delivery timers with exercise fit test animations. Visually guided OSHA 7-step exercise protocol for a proper and complete qualitative fit test.

Automatically guides the fit test administrator step-by step through the fit test process. Indicators for proper test solution dispensing to deliver the right number of squeezes at the right times.

Storage of fit test results in a database for easy retrieval for printing fit test records and report generation.


Single Software Solution for Both Fit Test Methods

Built on a proven platform, experience the simplicity the FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software for Qualitative Fit Testing can bring to your respiratory fit test program. For those also completing quantitative fit testing with PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester you now can add the qualitative fit testing option using the same FitPro™ Ultra Fit Testing Software. It provides a seamless fit test administrator experience and consolidated record keeping into single software solution. 

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Automates fit test process using built-in fit test exercise 
  • Local file based default database (optional support for server-based Microsoft SQL Server®)
  • Comprehensive database management functionality
  • Maintains separate databases for different companies/departments/locations
  • Wide-range of reporting and printing capabilities, including individual fit test reports, due or past due fit test reports, custom reports, and printing of individualized fit test cards (using card-form paper)

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32-bit & 64- bit) or Windows 11 operating systems
  • Microsoft.Net version 4 (installation software will install Microsoft.NET automatically, if necessary)
  • Note—An Internet connection is required to install Microsoft.NET
  • >1 GHz processor
  • >1280x800 screen resolution monitor
  • 500 MB of available hard drive space
  • Internet connection (to download the software)

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