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Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counter 3790A-10

SKU: 3790A-10

The TSI Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counter (EECPC) Model 3790A-10 is designed specifically to meet upcoming Post Euro 6 regulations, and also satisfy requirements for UNECE R83 and R49.

Counting particles emitted from modern internal combustion engines is valuable in engine emissions research, and is a critical component in engine type certification according to the European Particle Measurement Programme (PMP). Regulations will most likely reduce the lower particle size threshold to 10nm.

Product Details

The EECPC 3790A-10 fully meets all PMP requirements of upcoming post-Euro 6 regulations for light and heavy-duty vehicles, going down to 10nm. It builds upon the proven rugged, reliable, and highly repeatable performance of TSI's butanol CPC technology. The full-flow design incorporates new improvement and performance features, such as anti-spill/anti-flooding design, condensate removal system, removable saturator for easy maintenance, and an internal pulse height monitor to ensure accurate performance. The EECPC 3790A-10 has a lower particle size detection limit (D50) of 10nm.


  • Diesel, gasoline and CNG engine emissions testing
  • Aircraft turbine eengine solid particle emissions testing

Included Items

  • Aerosol Instrument Manager® software (CPC module)

Features and benefits

  • Meets the PMP lower particle size detection limit at the defined D50 and D90 particle sizes
  • Achieves a linear response to particle concentration from 1 to >50,000 particles/ cm3 with R2 >0.97 with live-time coincidence correction
  • False background concentration below 0.001 particles/cm3
  • Achieves a counting accuracy of ± 10% against a traceable standard
  • Operates under full flow conditions using single particle counting
  • Calibration is in full compliance with PMP requirements and ISO 27891
  • Achieves readability of 0.1 particles/cm3
  • Internal pulse-height monitor to ensure accurate performance
  • 10 Hz data rate for modal analysis

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Service, calibration, and repair options

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