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OmniTrak Ozone Module

SKU: 7591-08

Ozone (O₃) Module for TSI OmniTrak™ Solution.

This product is only available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland

Product Details

The TSI OmniTrak™ Solution is a professional, user-intuitive solution that can measure indoor air quality parameters. This solution is designed to assist with portable or fixed air purification verification, ventilation effectiveness accuracy, industrial/occupational hygiene investigation surveys, IAQ studies for buildings, schools, hospitals, and more! It's unique laser-based light scattering particle sensors quickly and accurately provide outputs of mass concentration data (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10) and particle number concentration data. Save time and simplify reporting with TSI Link™ Report Creator - you can automatically generate custom reports that include tables, graphs, additional insights and access user-friendly Microsoft Excel templates for your studies.


  • Portable/fixed air filter and air purifier verification
  • Ventilation effectiveness testing
  • IAQ studies in commercial and or residential buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial manufacturing and more
  • Industrial / Occupational Hygiene surveys and indoor air quality investigations
  • Engineering control evaluations

Features & Benefits

Take measurements, create reports, and analyze data provided to help improve conditions. 

  • Wireless connection to OmniTrak™ Smart Station
  • OmniTrak™ Smart Station offers a large touch-screen with intuitive navigation used for recording studies, managing data, viewing historical data, real-time measurements, etc.
  • Download data directly from the device onto your PC or uploaded data to our TSILink™ cloud platform to manage and view data remotely
  • Modular design allowing for flexibility and connection to future next generation modules to OmniTrak™ Solutions
  • Access to TSI Link™ Report Creator tool - get automated custom templates in Excel® for simplified data analysis and reporting