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Quest Edge 4+ Personal Noise Dosimeter


NOTE: No longer available in the US or Canada. Learn more about the all-new Quest Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter

The Quest™ Edge 4+ Personal Noise Dosimeter is available in Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth models and features a color screen. The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to monitor multiple dosimeters from the Quest™ Edge dB app. The measurement settings can be programmed to test for compliance to various government or association standards including OSHA PEL, OSHA Hearing Conservation, ACGIH, MSHA, and country-specific regulations. 

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Product Details

The Quest™ Edge 4+ Noise Dosimeter allows users to monitor personal noise exposure levels in real-time, within Bluetooth range with a mobile application. The ability to monitor from a safe distance allows workers to continue tasks without interruption in a variety of workplace environments.

Features and benefits

The Quest Edge dB mobile app allows users to monitor worker noise exposure from a safe distance on a tablet or smartphone.

  • Monitor multiple dosimeters from a distance, minimizing interruptions to those wearing the instruments
  • Keep users safe from potentially hazardous noise levels
  • Mobile app is compatible with iOS version 10.0 or greater, and Android version 4.3 or greater

The Quest Edge 4+ Personal Noise Dosimeter is a powerful and intuitive instrument designed for identifying hearing loss threats. 

  • Bluetooth option syncs to the Quest Edge 4+ mobile app for management of a variety of dosimeter functions and viewing of noise exposure measurements
  • Compact, 3-ounce (85 grams) unit mounts easily to the shoulder
  • Large color OLED display for easy reading
  • LED dose indicator flashes when dose level has been exceeded
  • Equipped with two independent dosimeters that can simultaneously measure against separate industry standards 
  • Configurable auto display shut off for increased battery life
  • Preprogrammed to OSHA Standards - measure against OSHA compliance regulations
  • Lockout Ability - Prevent users from inadvertently terminating a study
  • Detection Management Software - Configure dosimeter as well as intuitively interpret measurements and generate reports for export and sharing of results 

Industry Applications

  • Manufacturing
  • Safety Consultants
  • Government
  • Energy/Utility
  • Airports
  • Theme Parks and Entertainment Facilities

Kits include

  • Extra wind screen
  • Calibrator microphone adapter
  • Hard plastic carrying case
  • Quick start guide
  • Product manual on USB

* Additional kit options include docking station and AC-300 calibrator


  • Battery life - 60+ hours with Display Timeout enabled (20 hours without Display Timeout enabled)
  • Microphone - 1/4 inch prepolarized condenser (electret) field replaceable threaded microphone
  • Measuring range - 70 dB to 140 dB
  • Dosimeter - Two independent dosimeters
  • Convenient presets – Preprogrammed to OSHA and ACGIH standards
  • Frequency weighting – A, C, Z
  • Independent exchange rates - 3 dB, 4 dB or 5 dB

Features & Benefits


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Can I share the current results summary information to someone from the App?

Yes, the results summary and calibration history data can be sent via email.

To send the data:

  1. Select the dosimeter of interest from the list of dosimeters in the home screen of the App.
  2. Select the three-dot menu option in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Send Email Summary at the bottom of the screen. Choose the email account you want to send the email from.
  4. An email will automatically populate with the dosimeter results summary and settings information.

How do I adjust the dosimeter’s auto-shutoff display timer to save battery life?

  1. Open Detection Management Software (DMS) and click Setup.
  2. Select the noise dosimeter that you would like to change the timer for in DMS.
  3. Click on the BLE Communications tab in the top of the Setup window.
  4. Use the Display Timeout setting’s up or down arrow to change the number of seconds it takes the screen to shutoff, or simply type in the number of seconds into the box.
  5. Click Set Configuration.
  6. Click OK.

How do I know the dosimeter settings I set up on my smart device were sent to the dosimeter?

If the dosimeter fails to receive any BLE command, Edge dB will report the first command that failed in a popup. Note that the “Send Config” button will send all of the user’s settings from the four tabs of the Setup page. In the Misc-Setup page, the “Set Date-Time” and “Set Identity” buttons send only the date-time and identity, respectively.

How does the Edge 4+ dosimeter connect to my tablet or phone?

The connection is made through Bluetooth® technology. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device settings. When Edge dB is open, it will automatically detect dosimeters that are within the connection range. Select the dosimeter in the list you want to connect to. The distance range for Bluetooth connection is up to 80 feet (25 meters) in a non-obstructed area that is free of frequency interference.

Is the Bluetooth connection between my smart device and the dosimeter private?

Other smart devices with the Edge dB App installed and within Bluetooth connection range (80 feet, 25 meters) will be able to view and connect to the Edge 4+ dosimeter. 

What devices does the Edge dB App for the Edge 4+ Noise Dosimeter work with and how do I download it?

Edge dB will work with tablets and smart phones running Apple® iOS 10.0 or newer or Android™ 4.3 or newer. Edge dB is available to download free of charge from Apple’s App Store and Google Play by searching for “Edge dB”.

Who do I contact if I have technical problems with Edge dB App or my Edge 4+ noise dosimeter?

Please contact TSI technical service at: technical.services@tsi.com or 800-680-1220.

Why is the dosimeter not showing up in Edge dB?

  1. Verify Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Make sure you are in range for the Bluetooth signal to establish communications between the dosimeter and your smart device. Try moving closer to the dosimeter if it is not being detected.
  3. Press the refresh button in the Edge dB App to initiate a new scan for dosimeters in the area rather than wait until the next auto-scan interval.
  4. If still unable to view dosimeter, exit out of Edge dB and close it.
  5. Then, reopen Edge dB to try and establish a connection.