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Foot Pedal/MDI Actuation Sensor

Foot pedals and actuation sensors improve analyst timing, thereby increasing consistency/reliability/accuracy of testing as recommended by the USP.

These partially-automated devices are operated by a single user, freeing additional analysts to focus on other tasks. They integrate easily into your existing Copley Flow Controllers.

Features and Benefits

  • Actuation sensors fit most commercially available MDI canisters
  • Integrates into the BAC and TPK

These products are also featured in the Copley Catalog, and part numbers for the Copley Catalog are included in the chart below.

MSP/TSI Model # Product Copley Catalog Part # Request a Quote
0001-01-8791 Foot Pedal 8791 request a quote
0001-01-8797 MDI Actuation Sensor 8797 request a quote