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BRS Series

The BRS Series' automated features calculate duration, frequency, and I:E ratio, and is a critical component to IVIVC testing

BRS Series

BRS Series

The BRS family of products was originally designed around the nebulizer requirement to test under tidal breathing. Today, BRS products are increasingly being used to replace constant flow rate (square wave) conditions to more closely represent conditions in vivo.

Unlike the traditional ventilator simulator systems, the BRS series was specifically designed to meet USP <1602> & <1602> specifications, automating the critical calculations of duration, frequency of breath, I:E ratio, etc.

Our suite of products is designed specifically for each individual application in OINDP testing. The upper end models have very flexible computer-controlled breath profiles, ultimately enabling the next wave of IVIVC testing.

These products are also featured in the Copley Catalog, and part numbers for the Copley Catalog are included in the chart below.

MSP/TSI Model # Product Copley Catalog Part # Request a Quote
0001-01-9231 BRS100i 9131 request a quote
0001-01-9176 BRS200i 9116 request a quote
0001-01-9186 BRS300i 9126 request a quote
0001-01-9551 BRS Qual Kit 9105 request a quote


Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a range of breathing profiles and tidal patterns for USP 1601, 1602 breathing profiles
  • 2100/3100 inhale and exhale profiles with programmable profiles, which can be tailored to a specific patient population
  • 3100 – 5L volume, 2100 – 0.9L volume, 1100 – 0.8L volume
  • Required for nebulizer testing
  • Programmable I/E ratios
  • Set number of breaths or duration of tidal breathing


Service & Calibration

Mensuration and calibration are imperative in pharmaceutical testing, and is recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USP (United States Pharmacopeia), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

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Calibration contracts & extended warranties

MSP provides calibration and mensuration services, as well as calibration contracts and extended warranties as part of our QualityGuard™ program.

Each instrument model is unique, please refer to the model-specific service documentation below for details on what each package includes:

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