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Legacy Impactors

Drug development is often costly, risky, and has a long payback cycle. Due to governmental and FDA pressure to reduce drug costs, many companies are implementing portfolios that include generics. The shortest and most cost-effective path to profitability in developing generics is to replicate existing methods.

Legacy cascade impactors and impingers are still used to replicate existing test methodologies, expand lines, and create generics from branded drugs using prescribed methods or monographs.

While MSP, a Division of TSI, offers more efficient cascade impactors such as the NGI (with which most new drugs are developed), we provide many legacy cascade impactors and impingers as well. We are here to support the OINDP market in its pursuit of drug collection and characterization using equipment such as the MSLI, Marple Miller Impactor, Andersen Cascade Impactor, the Glass Twin Impinger, and others related to special USP and/or FDA guidelines for albuterol, FP/FPS, and many others. These products are also featured in the Copley Catalog.


Service & Calibration

Mensuration and calibration are imperative in pharmaceutical testing, and is recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USP (United States Pharmacopeia), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

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Calibration contracts & extended warranties

MSP provides calibration and mensuration services, as well as calibration contracts and extended warranties as part of our QualityGuard™ program.

Each instrument model is unique, please refer to the model-specific service documentation below for details on what each package includes:

Contact and Order

Contact the MSP Sales Team (MSPSales@tsi.com) to learn more and order your calibration contract and/or extended warranty by filling out the form below. You can also refer to our QualityGuard ordering brochure for additional detail, including how to ship your equipment to MSP.