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Quantitative Flow Visualization Systems

SKU: 630104-18GB

The Quantitative Flow Visualization Systems FM-1000 and FM-1100, provide a turn-key solution to investigate quickly and accurately the flow field for your applications. The system is non-intrusive and offers high spatial and temporal resolution as well as the ability to resolve turbulence structures.


Product Details

The FM-1000/1100 system is an easy set up for flow investigations. Once the camera is focused on particles on the laser light sheet, flow information is captured and analyzed, giving instantaneous velocity field results for that particular plane. 

Capturing a sequence of images provides useful statistical information such as average velocities field, vorticities, and shear, as well as time-animations; providing detailed information regarding vortex trajectories and evolving regions of high and low velocity.

Both the FM-1000 and FM-1100 share the same system components: laser, camera, synchronizer and software. The exception is the Bubble Generator BG-1000, which is designed for air flow applications. Therefore, the FM-1000 system with the Bubble Generator BG-1000 included is catered for air flow applications, while the FM-1100 is a system ideal for water flow measurements.



Micro Bubble Generator BG-1000 to seed air flows Seed particles 10089
Continuous laser with integrated laser light sheet optics
Camera Phantom VEO710, high resolution and high frame rate, model 630104-18GB
LaserPulse Synchronizer 610036
Insight 4G software package to control the data acquisition and data processing



  • Flow distribution and aerosol transport in coughing and sneezing
  • Measurements in wind tunnels and water channels
  • Turbulent flow investigations

Features and benefits

  • Turn-key system and simple to use
  • Fast result to give accurate flow information
  • Easy to expand to more sophisticated system like Time-resolved PIV system

Set up and Demonstration of Quantitative Flow Visualization System FM-1000 for Air Flow Measurements