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Custom OEM Mass Flow Sensors

SKU: 840201

Work with TSI to design the embedded flow sensor you need.

Product Details

TSI's Flow Meter design team can develop the precise mechanical configuration, performance characteristics, and electronic interface you need to optimize your design. The exceptional performance of these embedded flow sensors can enhance your product's performance and improve the time to market on new product development.

Please note—These sensors are best suited for products that, once in production, require at least several hundred sensors a year. For lower quantities, please consider the Series 840200, Series 840500 or Series 840600 OEM Sensors.


  • Patient ventilators
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Medical OEM

For 50 years, TSI has set the standard with the performance measurement tools and precision instruments that we manufacture and distribute to a worldwide customer base. Contact TSI for more information about our Custom OEM mass flow sensor for embedded applications.

Features and benefits

  • Very low pressure drop
  • 100% pre-calibrated and ready to install
  • Fast response
  • High accuracy as percent of reading (not full scale)
  • Mass flow measurements independent of temperature or pressure

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