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Flow Meters, Flow Sensors, and Flow Analyzers

Leader in Flow Measurement Instrumentation

Flow Meters, Flow Sensors, and Flow Analyzers


For half a century, TSI has earned the reputation as a leader in designing and manufacturing flow measurement instrumentation. TSI mass flow meters, Certifier flow analyzers, and mass flow sensors for gases are used worldwide in laboratory and manufacturing settings, plus embedded applications. Our flow meters, flow analyzers, and embedded flow sensors are optimized for medical applications where accuracy and reliability are key requirements. 

Accurate and Reliable Flow Meters, Flow Analyzers, and Flow Sensors

All TSI flow meters, Certifier™ flow analyzers, and flow sensors boast the following performance advantages:

  • Fast response time: Four millisecond (ms) response times are ideal for control applications and measuring tidal volumes with high accuracy.
  • Fully calibrated: All TSI flow meters, flow analyzers, and flow sensors are characterized against a flow reference and have extensive gas calibrations stored on-board. The result is highly accurate measurements.
  • Fully compensated: All TSI flow meters, flow analyzers, and flow sensors are temperature-compensated and provide an output of mass flow independent of temperature and pressure.

TSI Digital Flowmeters Trusted Worldwide in a Variety of Applications

Researchers, engineers, designers, and scientists use TSI digital flow meters in applications such as:

  • Engineering new product development
  • Research
  • Manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Field service

Calibration and Service

Looking to calibrate your TSI Flow Meter or Certifier™ Flow Analyzer? To find out about our service, calibration, and repair options, click on the Flow Service button below.

Flow Service


TSI's Flow Sensing Technology

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