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Certifier™ Plus Test System Full Kit 4080-F

SKU: 4080-F

A handheld, full-featured system capable of testing virtually all models of ventilators: adult, pediatric, anesthesia, neonatal, and high-frequency. It can also test a variety of other medical equipment such as anesthesia gas delivery machines, air-oxygen blenders, medical insufflators, oxygen concentrators, CPAPs, and other devices with pneumatic gas flows.

ISO 17025 Accredited Version

Product Details

The Certifier™ Plus Test System 4080-F is made up of a Certifier™ Plus High-Flow Module Kit 4081, Certifier™ Plus Interface Module Kit 4089, and an Oxygen Sensor Kit 4073. This multi-function pneumatic test system can measure 28 different test parameters and graph data in real-time. Pressure and temperature compensated bi-directional flow sensors deliver high accuracy gas flow measurements with a fast rate of response and industry-leading, low-pressure drop. Users can measure using STP, ATP, BTPS, BTPD, or user-defined gas conditions and test breath rates up to 1500 bpm.

The Certifier™ System 4080-F comes with a full kit of accessories that includes an inlet filter, airway pressure fitting, (5) adapters, silicone tubing, flow module cable, power supply with plug set, rechargeable Li-ion battery (installed), protective cover, 1L test lung, RAM® mounting kit (interface + flow module), capacitive touch stylus, and fitted deluxe carrying case.  

4080-F Test Parameters

  • Flow Rate, Peak Flow, and Minimum Flow
  • Inhaled and Exhaled Tidal Volumes, Minute Volume
  • Low Pressure (Differential)
  • Peak, PEEP, and Minimum Pressures
  • Mean Airway Pressure
  • High Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Plateau Pressure
  • Static Compliance
  • Inspiratory and Expiratory Times
  • Inspiratory Pause Time, Inspiratory Rise Time
  • I:E Ratio, I:E Ratio Including Pause Time
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Gas Temperature
  • Oxygen Concentration

Features and Benefits

  • Durable design - includes 2 year standard warranty
  • Large, high resolution color display and real-time graphing for easy data viewing
  • Simple to use with touchscreen operation and automatic breath triggering
  • Create user configurations to enable faster test setups
  • Li-ion rechargeable batteries provide up to 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Reporting made easier with screen captures, data acquisition, and easy USB export
  • Multiple mounting options saves benchtop space and optimizes your test setups
  • Dual flow module capability for flow module self-checks and simultaneous high and low flow operation