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Certifier™ Plus High Flow Module 4081

SKU: 4081

The Certifier™ Plus High Flow Module 4081 works with the Certifier™ Plus Interface Module 4089.

  • Flow Range: -200 to 300 Standard L/min
  • Gas Calibrations: Air, Oxygen, Air/Oxygen Mix, Nitrogen, CO2
  • Gas Conditions: STP, ATP, BTPS, BTPD, or user-defined
  • Connectors: 22 mm female ISO taper (inlet), 22 mm male ISO taper (outlet)

ISO 17025 Accredited Version

Product Details

The Certifier™ Plus High Flow Module 4081 is one half of the Certifier™ Plus Test Systems 4080-S and 4080-F and communicates measurements to the Interface Display Module. The high flow module contains calibrated sensors for bi-directional flows, barometric pressure (375 to 1200 mmHg), low pressure (-25 to 150 cm H2O), high pressure (-10 to 150 psig), and temperature (5 to 40°C ). The high flow module also includes a 3.5 mm mono audio jack capable of accepting an oxygen sensor (from the optional 4073 kit) to measure oxygen concentrations.

A flow module (Certifier™ Plus High Flow Module 4081 or Certifier™ Plus Low Flow Module 4082) must be used in conjunction with either the Certifier™ Plus Display Interface Module 4089 or Certifier™ FA+ Interface Module 4088 (discontinued). A Certifier™ Module 4081 may also be purchased individually (not as part of a Certifier™ Test System 4080-S or 4080-F) to replace an existing flow module or to have an additional flow module to maintain up-time if other flow modules are unavailable.

Test Applications

  • Ventilators (hospital, sub-acute, neonatal, home care)
  • Compressors
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Air Oxygen blenders
  • CPAP devices
  • Medical insufflators
  • Any other devices needing to verify gas flow and pressures

Certifier™ FA Plus High Flow Module 4081 Includes:

  • Durable design - includes 2 year standard warranty
  • Certifier™ FA Plus High Flow Module 4081
  • Inlet filter, 22 mm x 22 mm male/female
  • Adapter, 22 mm x 6 mm, for interfacing High Flow Module to Low Flow filter
  • Adapter, 15 mm ID x 22 mm OD
  • Adapter, high pressure port
  • Airway pressure fitting with screen
  • Pressure tubing, silicone, 1/8 inch ID x 1/4 inch OD x 48 inch (3.2 mm ID x 6.4 mm OD x 122 cm)
  • Velco® strap for use on High Flow Module