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Quartz Crystal Microbalance QCM MOUDI Impactor 140

SKU: 0140

Uses a first-principles technique to directly measure mass-based size distributions in real time. 

The real-time Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) MOUDI™ Impactor combines two technologies – quartz crystal microbalance, and cascade impaction – to provide mass-based size distributions with rapid time response. This instrument has six QCM stages with sharp collection efficiency curves. Calibrated cutpoints for each of the six stages are 960, 510, 305, 156, 74 and 45 nm.

Product Details

Compared to more traditional cascade impactor designs, the Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) MOUDI™ Impactor has taken setup and measurement time from hours to minutes. The excellent mass measurement accuracy of the QCM MOUDI™ impactor is ensured by the integrated humidity conditioning system. This humidity conditioning system promotes reliable coupling of aerosol particles to the quartz crystal sensors, and eliminates undesirable solid particle bounce. Sampled masses on each stage can range from tens of nanograms up to a few hundred micrograms. The QCM MOUDI™ has an inlet that removes particles larger than 2.5 micrometers, and a sample flow rate of 10 L/min.


  • Sampling for air pollution and air quality research
  • Inhalation toxicology testing
  • Industrial hygiene studies
  • Work place aerosol analysis
  • Tobacco smoke testing
  • Conditioned engine exhaust testing
  • Testing aerosol drug delivery devices

Features and benefits

  • Real-time mass detection
  • Accurate aerodynamic diameter fractionation using micro-orifice impaction stages
  • Nanogram resolution with true mass sensing of solid particles 
  • PM2.5 in six stages
  • Automatic humidity conditioning of sampled aerosol
  • Intuitive, advanced touch-screen control and user-friendly features
  • Low power consumption vacuum pump included with impactor