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MOUDI Impactors 100NR, 100S4, 110NR

SKU: 100NR

MOUDI™ impactors are classic, precise cascade impactors with sharp cut-size, low internal-loss characteristics, and high accuracy. These cascade impactors provide sharp cut-sizes, low internal losses, and high accuracy in a non-rotating configuration with a 30 L/min smapling flow rate.

Product Details

The MOUDI impactors, 100NR, 100S4, and 110NR, are used for collecting size-fractionated particle samples in the 0.056 to 10 µm aerodynamic diameter range for gravimetric and/or chemical analyses. The various MOUDI models hold various number of stages, as listed in the table below, the classic MOUDI's hold various impaction stages and cut-sizes. Particle deposits are collected on standard 47-mm substrates which can be analyzed for mass, or via chemical analysis or microscopy.

Model Stages Nominal Cut Points (µm) @ 30 L.min inlet flow rate Pressure Drop (kPa)
100S4 3 10, 2.5 and 1 1
100NR 8 10, 5.6, 3.2, 1.8, 1.0, 0.56, 0.32. and 0.18 10
110NR 10 10, 5.6, 3.2, 1.8, 1.0, 0.56, 0.32, 0.18, 0.10, and 0.056 40



  • Sampling of atmospheric aerosols for research and environmental monitoring
  • Workplace aerosol analysis
  • Engine emissions analysis and monitoring
  • Brakewear analysis
  • Exposure monitoring
  • Industrial hygiene studies
  • Tobacco smoke and e-cigarette characterization
  • Biological aerosol characterization

Features and Benefits

  • Sharp cut-off size characteristics
  • 30 L/min sampling flow rate
  • Micro-orifice nozzle plates designed for low flow resistance and reduced particle bouce and re-entrainment
  • Up to 10 impactor stages with nominal cut points between 56 nm and 10 µm, plus a final filter
  • Low inter-stage losses
  • Easily removable collection substrates allow for quick turn-around time for productive use of the instrument
  • Made of hard-coated anodized aluminum for light weight, durability and nozzle dimensional stability