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PowerSight Module DE

Artikelnr: TR-SS-1D-561


TSI's PowerSight module includes solid state lasers along with transmitting and receiving optics in a single, compact transceiver for maximum flexibility and accuracy with minimal setup time. Three models of the PowerSight module are available to accommodate system configurations from 1D to 3D of velocity components, including: 

  • TR-SS-1D-532 (1D module expandable to 2D)
  • TR-SS-2D (2D module) 
  • TR-SS-1D-553 (1D module used as 3D configuration)


  • Compact size allows for flexible measurements and easy integration with traverse mechanisms
  • Easy to upgrade from 1D to 2D and 3D configurations
  • High power lasers provide high SNR for high speed and complex flows
  • Unique ability to couple with fiber optic probes offers flexibility of the fiber optics arrangement, allowing measurements in underwater conditions, hostile environments and large wind tunnels
  • Beam expanders can be fitted onto the PowerSight module, providing long focal distance for flow measurements in large facilities


  • Supersonic flows
  • Turbulent flows and boundary layer flows
  • Large-scale wind tunnel flows
  • Water channel flows 
  • Low-speed flows with occasional spray measurements 
  • Automotive fuel spray 
  • Medical inhaler spray 
  • Aircraft combustor spray 
  • Bubbly flow 
  • Slurry spray (opaque fluids)


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