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Venturi Valve Pressure-Independent Device VV-108-M-H-S-A-X-L

SKU: VV-108-M-H-S-A-X-L

Venturi Valves are the control devices used in conjunction with TSI's SureFlow™ laboratory controllers.

Product Details

Venturi valves eliminate the need to use separate dampers and flow stations to control and measure air volume supplied to or exhausted from a space.

Venturi Valves, unlike flow stations, do not require any straight duct runs to maintain flow accuracy. Venturi Valves can be mounted next to an elbow, transitions or branches without affecting accuracy! Furthermore, Venturi Valves are pressure-independent devices, meaning that the valve will mechanically correct for static pressure fluctuations without involving a controller.


  • Laboratory safety
  • Laboratory comfort
  • Energy-efficiency

Features and benefits

  • Pressure-independent flow control
  • No straight duct runs required
  • Accurate to 5% of reading