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SV Variable Volume Venturi Valve with Shutoff SV-108-L-H-S-A-X-L

SKU: SV-108-L-H-S-A-X-L

Model SV Venturi Valves are airflow variable volume control air valves with minimum flow being zero. They are designed to maintain a constant flow rate in the face of changing duct static pressures at a given shaft position.

Product Details

The Venturi Valve consists of a cone inside the valve body. A spring automatically positions of the cone on the valve shaft to achieve pressure independence. The valves will allow shutoff of the air flow by seating the cone against the valve body in the closed position. SV Venturi Valves have an equal-percentage characteristic over a range of the specified flow rate.

A mechanical valve dial permits direct reading of air volume allowing the flow to easily be reset if future requirements change.

Venturi Valves maintain their flow setpoint without need for straight duct runs, meaning that they are ideally-suited for volumetric flow control in laboratories and other critical spaces. Use Venturi Valves with Shut-off for general exhausts, snorkels, canopies and other devices that do not always require air flow.

Venturi Valves must be ordered according to the desired flow rate and pressure drop across the valve.


  • Laboratory safety
  • Laboratory comfort
  • Energy-efficiency

Features and benefits

  • Pressure-independent flow control
  • No straight duct runs required
  • Accurate to 5% of reading
  • Fast electric actuator adjusts flow rate
  • Controls down to no flow conditions