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Seed Particles and Particle Generators 10091

SKU: 10091

Accessory to certain Seed Particles products


Product Details

Seed particles are necessary to provide the Doppler signals for the LDV measurements. A variety of seed particles are offered to meet your specific flow measurement requirements – size and specific gravity. 

Select the type most appropriate for your experiments and you will get the accurate measurement results:


Fluorescent particles, green absorption, red emission, 1 um mean diameter, 10 ml bottle


Nylon seed particles, 4.0 um mean diameter, 1.0 g/cc density, 400 cc bottle

10087 Metallic Coated Particles 12 um, 2.69 g/cc (30 cc)

Hollow glass seed particles, 8-12 um diameter, 1.1 g/cc density, 1 liter bottle


Titanium dioxide seed particles, 3 um mean diameter, 4.26 g/cc density, 454 g package


Silver coated hollow seed particles, 14 um diameter,1.7 g/cc density,100 cc bottle

In order to dissipate the seed particles, a number of seed generators can be chosen to meet your experiments.  Please refer to the various models of the generators:

9302 Single-jet Atomizer
9306 Six-jet Atomizer

Single-jet oil droplet generator for producing oil droplets to seed flows for PIV or LDV measurements


Six-jet oil droplet generator for producing large volumes of oil droplets to seed flows for PIV or LDV measurements


Solid Particle seed generator including the Powder cartridge. Typical primary particle size is 0.2 to 3 microns. Max outlet pressure is 8 Bar and max container pressure is 16 Bar


Monosize Droplet Generator with syringe pump, signal generator, head, 25, 50 and 100 um orifices, X-Y traverse stand

1530-01-1900 Monodisperse Droplet Generator with aerodynamic flow focusing


Features and benefits

  • Full range of particle materials
  • Full range of particle sizes