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High-Flow Sampling System HFSS 140-HFSS


The High Flow Sampling System (HFSS) 140-HFSS is an accessory designed to be used with QCM-MOUDI™ Impactor 140 when sampling ambient air at hot and humid environmental conditions.

Product Details

The High Flow Sampling System 140-HFSS can reduce relative humidity of the sample air at a flow rate of 10 L/min from as high as ~100% at 40 °C to below 80% at normal room temperature (i.e. 25°C), avoiding water condensation in the sampling line.


  • Particle mass (PM) ambient sampling for air quality monitoring
  • Sampling of high humidity aerosols

Features and benefits

  • Ideal for sampling during hot and humid ambient conditions
  • Complete system ready for installation in the field
  • Standard omnidirectional TSP inlet
  • High Flow Rate (up to 10 L/min)
  • Nafion® single-tube dryer with high particle transmission efficiency
  • Continuous operation without desiccants

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