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Pressure Capsule Kit 3482-PCAP

SKU: 3482-PCAP

The Pressure Capsule Kit 3482-PCAP is designed to enhance the performance of the Electrospray Aerosol Generator (EAG) 3482 that is highly used in applications where aerosolized nanoscale particles, such as viruses, proteins, or synthetic nanoparticles are needed. The kit helps to smoothly deliver the sample into the capillary of the 3482 to generate the required aerosol.

Product Details

The Pressure Capsule Kit 3482-PCAP is a robust solution that allows you to regain control over the sample delivery process to the EAG, ensuring stability and accuracy of your aerosol generation. It is an alternative to other sampling delivery solutions such as the 3482-SPUMP or an HPLC pump. The pressure capsule principle of the 3482-PCAP is based on the same principle used in EAG's predecessor model 3480.

One of the common challenges is the inconsistent injection of samples into the EAG, especially problematic during calibrations with substances like Emery oil. This inconsistency can lead to non-stable output concentrations and inaccurate results and hinder the reliability of your analysis.

How does it work? The kit contains a T-piece (instead of a micro-cross) and capsule for 1 mL vials that is pressurized by air and plays a pivotal role in enhancing the stability of the EAG and ensuring its correct operation. The capsule can be comfortably placed in the setup with a specifically designed bracket. These components work together seamlessly to optimize your aerosol generation.

Furthermore, the Pressure Capsule Kit can reduce the minimum sample volume requirement, making it an attractive option for users who have limited samples to work with.


  • Instrument calibration and validation with 3482
  • Nano-aerosol studies
  • Macromolecular and submicrometer aerosol analysis
  • Nanometer-sized suspension
  • Biomolecular studies
  • Nanoparticle production  

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced stability of the EAG
  • Ease of use for changing pressure (flow) setpoint and sample
  • Stable liquid delivery rate
  • Sample can be exchanged and reused quickly and easily (replacing vial in chamber)