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AeroTrak High Pressure Diffuser 7955

SKU: 7955

For use in semiconductor manufacturing with an AeroTrak® 9110 Portable Particle Counter to enable measurement of particulate contamination in high-pressure compressed gas systems.

Product Details

High Pressure Diffuser, 2-Stage, 1.0 cfm

Features and benefits

  • Reduces gas pressure of up to 120 psi (8.27 bar) to near atmospheric pressure
  • For monitoring and testing to ISO 8573-1 and SEMI E49.8 limits
  • Compatible with 1.0 cfm AeroTrak Particle Counters (both remote and portable models)
  • Exhaust HEPA filter protects HPD accessory from contamination when disconnected from compressed gas source
  • Includes bleed air injection for use with low-humidity compressed gas systems
  • No manual adjustments or calibration required
  • For use with Clean Dry Air (CDA), Nitrogen (N2) and Argon (Ar)
  • Passivated stainless steel enclosure resists cleanroom chemicals
  • 1.0 cfm (28.3 lpm) nominal flow rate