How Multi-Building Organizations Can Leverage TSI Solution for Air Monitoring

In recent years maintaining a healthy and comfortable workplace while reducing energy consumption has become a priority for many companies. In particular large organizations controlling many different buildings may have bigger challenges connected to the indoor environment: that is monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) in a way that is scalable and can improve people well-being, sustainability and energy efficiency.

A global technology company in Europe has similar challenges as they are settled in a multi-building campus with many offices, conference rooms and common areas where hundreds of employees spend many hours every day. In alignment with corporate initiatives, the facility management team started to look for a full IAQ monitoring solution able to satisfy company needs.

“Our organization is committed to make a difference every day for our planet and people: we work to make business in the most sustainable way and to improve workplace conditions for our employees – of course, indoor air is a crucial element to consider.”

The facility management team was very interested in adopting an IAQ monitoring solution in order to:

  1. Know IAQ overtime in all locations to proactively address concerns before they become big problems
  2. Get the right guidance to take quick corrective actions
  3. Be more efficient and sustainable, optimizing energy consumption

The team was looking for a system to easily know in real-time how is the air quality within the different organization buildings and be able to take quick actions.

According to the facility manager, it was critical to have a scalable IAQ program in place providing real-time data and reporting in order to maintain and improve the health and well-being of occupants.
In addition, as the organization had aggressive sustainability objectives, it was prioritized to develop a long-term strategy to optimize energy consumption and run a sustainable business.

After considering different options in the market, the facility team decided to implement the TSI solution for air monitoring on the campus – starting with a pilot project in few office buildings.

Working closely to TSI sales manager, they easily installed 14 AirAssure IAQ monitors, and successfully set up TSI Link Software. Moreover, as outdoor air conditions can affect the indoor environment, it was decided to add several TSI BlueSky outdoor air quality monitors next to a few buildings in order to get a complete overview of the indoor and outdoor air quality.

TSI Solution for Air Monitoring includes:

TSI AirAssure™ IAQ monitor, the right tool for continuous air quality monitoring thanks to low-cost sensors tracking gases, including CO2 and tVOC, and particulate pollutants along with key IAQ parameters to help optimize your indoor environment.

TSI BlueSky™ monitor, the light-weight instrument for outdoor air quality monitoring, designed to simultaneously measure PM2.5, PM10 mass concentrations, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, O3, CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2.

TSI Link platform, the cloud software that allows you to remotely manage your equipment and access air quality data in real-time, as well as multiple integration options through API Data Services.


The team was very satisfied to remotely manage the devices and access data all in one place anytime. Regarding TSI Link cloud software, they appreciated the dashboard accessibility and the possibility to be notified with custom alerts in real-time whenever a value reached a certain threshold.

“I set up diverse alerts for relative humidity and PM 2.5 and monitored the performance overtime during our test phase. Besides alert notifications via SMS and email, I found very useful the alert history function to identify trends and make the right decisions.”

TSI Link dashboard was also utilized to quickly share IAQ measurements between various stakeholders in different locations, enhancing team collaboration and productivity.
API Data Services was the other key component of the platform that the company leveraged to get further benefits. In fact, data integration with local building management system (BMS) was essential to get insights and guidance to increase company efficiency.

In sum, thanks to API data integration, the team was able to optimize the HVAC system and reduce the overall energy usage, which led to higher cost savings and lower carbon footprint.

Data integration was a key point for us to optimize energy consumption and track progress towards organization sustainability goals.

When asked about the value of the TSI Link platform, a frequent answer was that, facility managers can quickly monitor and address issues across multiple buildings and take quick actions before they become big problems. According to the team, the TSI solution was the right fit for the needs of a global technology company. The use of multiple air quality monitors paired with TSI Link software and API data services allowed the company to:

  • Remotely access data and be notified in real-time
  • Improve collaboration across team members in different locations
  • View and share internally IAQ conditions
  • Proactively address IAQ issues with appropriate guidance
  • Improve energy efficiency, while making progress towards sustainability goals


With TSI solution we are now able to understand air quality overtime. Thanks to TSI Link dashboard and reporting we have the right level of insights to manage buildings efficiently and protect employees.” 


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