Guzi-West Inspection & Consulting Uses Continuous Monitoring to Transform Indoor Air Quality Investigations

In the fast-paced world of environmental and air quality investigations, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Guzi-West Inspection & Consulting, a prominent firm specializing in air quality assessment, recognized this need and found an innovative solution through TSI’s AirAssure™ Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitors. TSI sat down with Guzi-West to learn how these real-time indoor air quality monitoring devices have revolutionized their approach to indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments.

Guzi-West sought to address a pressing issue – how to efficiently and comprehensively identify indoor air quality problems. They aimed to eliminate the limitations associated with short-duration air monitoring, which often failed to capture crucial variations in air quality over time. Until they were introduced with the AirAssure™ IAQ monitor that would significantly enhance their capabilities in the field.

The implementation of AirAssure™ IAQ monitors was a seamless integration into Guzi-West's workflow. These easy-to-install devices became an invaluable investigative tool, providing a unique advantage by continuously assessing air quality, allowing Guzi-West to gain deeper insights into indoor environments.

AirAssure™ IAQ monitors didn't just enhance Guzi-West's capabilities; they also proved to be a positive impact on business providing confidence in understanding what is happening in the air continuously rather than during certain times of distress. They now take on more complex projects that demand real-time monitoring, knowing that this approach is scientifically robust and can provide accurate insights.

While AirAssure™ IAQ monitors technical capabilities were robust, convincing building owners of its benefits presented a challenge. However, Guzi-West emphasized the superiority of continuous air monitoring in identifying and addressing IAQ issues effectively.

The tangible results from AirAssure™ IAQ monitors showed value through a recent project. Guzi-West was tasked with monitoring air quality around generators powering occupied school units. While the client initially focused on carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), AirAssure™ IAQ monitors revealed another potential threat – Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). This discovery showcased the device's ability to uncover additional hidden air quality issues.

“What we collectively found over time is that individuals who are concerned that indoor air quality in a given structure could be making them ill tend to gravitate to mold being the issue,” said Clay Guzi, President and CEO of Guzi-West Inspection & Consulting.

Guzi-West expressed their enthusiasm when it comes to recommending AirAssure™ continuous IAQ monitors to others in the industry. Overall, they are impressed with the IAQ monitors quality, real-time monitoring, and the comprehensive platform, TSI Link™ Solutions, that displays monitored data and each survey result.

AirAssure™ IAQ monitors have transformed Guzi-West's take on indoor air quality investigations. With a new approach to air quality monitoring, their commitment to sound scientific research and rigorous standards aligns perfectly with the AirAssure™ IAQ monitors capabilities. Real-time monitoring, reporting every 15 minutes, and utilizing the TSI Link™ dashboard has become a cornerstone of their investigations.

Prior to using AirAssure™ IAQ monitors, Guzi-West faced challenges associated with limited monitoring duration capabilities. Now, they can provide comprehensive assessments that consider various air quality parameters, ensuring a more accurate diagnosis for their clients.

“[Continuous] real time air monitoring approach is what we’d utilize if we were required to find a definitive answer for a loved one that was clearly ill from an unknown exposure issue.” - Clay Guzi, President and CEO of Guzi-West Inspection & Consulting.

In conclusion, real-time monitoring capabilities offer a reliable solution in a rapidly evolving industry.  AirAssure™ IAQ monitors have not only met but exceeded Guzi-West's expectations, providing them with the tools they need to deliver superior indoor air quality assessments and bring peace of mind to clients concerned about their indoor environments. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Guzi-West and AirAssure™ IAQ monitors are a powerful team in the quest for healthier indoor spaces.

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