TSI and Building4Health Join Forces to Manage Indoor Air Quality to Optimize Occupant Health

TSI has recently announced a new strategic collaboration with Building4Health Inc. (B4H). 

The general interest in indoor air quality (IAQ), measurements and how to maintain clean air have increased in recent years - and even more with the pandemic. Commercial businesses, schools, hospitals and public institutions have started to monitor the air quality conditions of their buildings and look into how they can offer a healthy, comfortable and productive place to work.

Since decades TSI has been providing solutions to help protect people and environments and now with B4H there is the opportunity to make a difference in the IAQ space and communicate the health impact of the air we breathe.

Co-founded by Dr. Stephanie Taylor, B4H sets the first health standard for evaluating and managing the indoor environment for human health. In brief, B4H platform evaluates the influence of buildings on occupant’s health from a medical perspective and can recommend remediation actions if needed.

The ultimate goal of TSI and B4H cooperation is to improve people well-being in indoor spaces combining TSI air monitoring and ventilation solutions with B4H know-how of the psychological impact of IAQ on occupant’s health.

For more information, read the Press Release here.