The Importance of Measuring Indoor Air Quality within Salons

Beauty salons are a popular destination for those seeking manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair coloring, massages, and other beauty treatments.  While these treatments are supposed to make us feel good, some don’t realize that many of them can also pose certain health risks.  To ensure occupants are not exposed to various pollutant dangers, it is important for salons to deploy continuous monitors to manage the indoor air quality (IAQ) within the building.

Metropolitan city environmental departments are beginning to understand the importance of IAQ monitoring and are looking to evaluate surrounding salons with the goal of understanding these businesses ventilation effectiveness.  A recommended solution to achieve accurate results is TSI’s AirAssure™ Continuous IAQ Monitor.  These monitors are connected to cloud-based TSI Link™ software where you can view live results to assess the effectiveness of the current ventilation and filtration systems that are in place today, giving you the confidence of a safe and comfortable environment.

To mitigate the risks associated with indoor air pollution, salons should be monitoring their IAQ on regular basis.  A proper ventilation system is essential to ensure that the air is adequately exchanged and that pollutants are being removed from the air.  Some salons in cities throughout the US have already installed air purifiers in-addition to using air filtration systems, which can help with removing harmful particles from the air. 

In order for these metropolitan salons to determine if there are operational mishaps such as, employee training gaps preventing effectiveness of their LEV (local exhaust ventilation) systems, or determining effectiveness in their current source capture systems and air filtration products, the AirAssure IAQ Monitors equip with real-time reporting tools can assist in determining a plan of action for optimal clean air. 

Studies have shown using AirAssure™ IAQ monitors within salons help guide owners and managers on the proper use of the LEV systems.  Particulate matter (PM) and certain gases are emitted during treatments.  If the LEV systems are running according to the recommended settings, the IAQ was good.   However, if a LEV system was running at a lower setting than recommended, those levels showed higher than desirable IAQ, resulting in poor human health, comfort, and building efficiency.

TSI Link™ software solutions provide the data salons need to help guide optimal locations for installing the AirAssure™ IAQ monitors that are for measuring the pollutants circulating throughout the building or room.  IAQ monitoring allows cities and salons owner to take the right steps towards reducing health risks for the occupants, providing them with accurate data to prove the building’s ventilation effectiveness.

In conclusion, it is crucial for beauty salons to prioritize IAQ monitoring and management to ensure the health and safety of their customers and employees.  It is recommended that metropolitan cities and environmental departments begin evaluating salons using IAQ monitors and reporting tools as an important step towards improving the IAQ for their citizens.  By utilizing TSI’s AirAssure™ Continuous IAQ Monitors and cloud-based TSI Link™ software, salon owners can assess the effectiveness of their ventilation and filtration systems and take necessary steps to help reduce health risks associated with indoor air pollution.  This not only benefits the health and safety of occupants today, but can also attract and assure customers who prioritize their own safety and well-being.