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May 2023

Mar 17 2023 10:10

5 Things to Know About Particulate Matter

Particulate matter, also known as PM, refers to tiny particles suspended in the air. These particles can be made up of a variety of materials, including dust, dirt, soot, and smoke.

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Feb 14 2023 13:55

What’s the Big Deal with Gas Stoves?

A recent article published on Science Northwest written by Dan Jaffe and Amelie Creekmore at the University of Washington talks about the risks of cooking with a gas stove, how you can monitor the in...

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What is the difference between IAQ and IEQ?
Jan 31 2023 14:16

What is the difference between IAQ and IEQ?

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) are related but distinct terms that refer to different aspects of the indoor quality of the air and environment.

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